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GSoC Freestyle Integration Win32 build

Today I’ve been working with Maxime on getting his GSoC work to compile on Windows, and we succeeded. Get the Freestyle enabled build from Graphicall.org!

To use, extract the .exe somewhere, open a cmd.exe and cd your way to where you extracted the binaries, ie: ‘cd C:\freestyle\befree-win32′ if you extracted to C:\freestyle. Then set the FREESTYLE_BLENDER_DIR as follows:

set FREESTYLE_BLENDER_DIR=”C:\freestyle\befree-win32\.blender\scripts”

After that start blender: blender.exe and choose Freestyle as renderer in the render settings. A new panel in render settings appears, here you can choose different freestyle module to render with. Hit F12 and enjoy!

Blender Python API as PDF

Marco Ardito has uploaded the Blender Python API in PDF format. With the success of Blender Wiki as PDF, he decided to try his hand at the Blender Python API too, so here it is: Download Blender Python API as PDF (1MB)

Enjoy the document!

Thougths on my projects

It is always an art to juggle the time for all the projects I’m working on. There’s just so many cool things to do and create that it gets essential to stop and think for a while about it and prioritise a bit
Planet Blender I’ll continue looking for blog feeds to add. We’re now at 66 feeds with only one disabled. There’s of course lots to be improved and features to be added:

  • Filtering Users should be able to create filters so they can hide or show the blogs as they want them. When that is in place, … Continue Reading

Updated Blender Wiki PDF

Marco Ardito has uploaded an updated and improved PDF of the Blender Wiki.  The PDF has all images converted to 100% JPEGs and weighs at 52MB. There are 1700+ pages to browse through!

Download the PDF here!