Blender Wiki PDFs – December 2008

The PDF updates seem to become a nice monthly deal! Marco has uploaded new versions of 4 PDF files:

Again a big thanks to Marco Ardito for his efforts.

5 Responses to “Blender Wiki PDFs – December 2008”

  1. Marco said:

    Dec 04, 08 at 07:21

    Thanks for this great stuff, a pdf of the manual is very handy!
    Just a question: is there a way to fix the link inside the pdf?
    I mean, clicking on a link into the pdf doesn’t work as expected: nothing happens a part of a error message.

  2. Marco said:

    Dec 04, 08 at 07:39

    Sorry, I’ve seen only now the bookmarks :)

  3. Marco said:

    Dec 04, 08 at 07:42

    Hi! as you can read in the about section, i have no control on what htmldoc is doing,
    i also tried wrinting simple html pages but internal links never work.
    often they point to a page before…

    you can use the bookmarks, though, to jump to a particular section…
    i’ve added them in this release


  4. udey said:

    Dec 04, 08 at 18:54

    thx alot, will be distributet with all my friends in here


  5. David Jaquay said:

    Jan 11, 09 at 17:11

    Thanks very much for this. Very nice.

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