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Durian Campaign Progress Graph

During the nights when comforting my baby-daughter, I still do some simple coding work. That can result in fun stuff like the graph I created based on the Durian campaign progress I have been doing since July 31st. I have been recording the status every five minutes, and tonight I have been writing some script to generate a graph out of it. This graph is also updated in sync with the recording of Durian campaign progress.

Durian Preorder Sales Campaign graph

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Daughter born!

Today is a very happy day. Today, my little son Rasmus (jesterPrince) became a big brother for his little sister Rafaëlla (jesterPrincess).

Rafaëlla decided to enter our world at 14:42 Finnish time, today August 13th, 2009.

I’m very happy that we together with my wife are allowed to experience this second miracle of life. Just holding my daughter fills me with a profound feeling of pride, just as it did when I held my son Rasmus for the first time in my arms.

The little fingers, the kicking, small feet, the EVERYTHING. It’s just amazing. I thank my beautiful and lovely wife (jesterQueen) … Continue Reading

Talking at Assembly 2009 on Saturday 8th, August

Tomorrow I will be talking (jointly with Julius Tuomisto, from renderfarm.fi/Laurea) about my ORE Uploader – the renderfarm.fi integration in Blender. I also will be giving a demo about Blender 2.5, showing some of the cool things that are possible with it, and what new things are available. It should give a nice overview of the direction Blender 2.5 is heading in. Think COLLADA support, smoke, and whatever I manage to put into the demo time. You can follow the session live through assemblytv.net.

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LOVE presentation today at Assembly 2009

I wanted to remind people that Eskil Steenberg is presenting his LOVE today at 1600hrs EEST ( see this clock for current time). Since we have Verse support in Blender (or at least, had in Blender 2.4x, but it’ll be back in Blender 2.5x at some point), I thought people might be interested to check it out.

You can follow the presentation live through assemblytv.net. I’m pretty sure you’re in for a good show.

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