Daughter born!

Today is a very happy day. Today, my little son Rasmus (jesterPrince) became a big brother for his little sister Rafaëlla (jesterPrincess).

Rafaëlla decided to enter our world at 14:42 Finnish time, today August 13th, 2009.

I’m very happy that we together with my wife are allowed to experience this second miracle of life. Just holding my daughter fills me with a profound feeling of pride, just as it did when I held my son Rasmus for the first time in my arms.

The little fingers, the kicking, small feet, the EVERYTHING. It’s just amazing. I thank my beautiful and lovely wife (jesterQueen) for giving me these immensly wondrous gifts.

2 thoughts on “Daughter born!

  1. Huge congratulations! I’m very happy for you. She’s adorable. It’s amazing to watch a child grow and learn.

    Few hints, not that you’ll need them ;)
    Get sleep when you can. (You may find time to sleep where you didn’t think possible like standing up, while driving, or in the middle of a conversation)
    Don’t be afraid to accept help from others. (Unless they’re hobos at which consult your judgment which might be impaired from all the sleep your getting)
    You will be amazed on how fast the two kids will learn to act together to get into mischief.
    Girls have an amazing ability for forethought. Even though she’s younge, she will probably be able to get your son to do things that he thinks is his idea.

    Anyways I’m sure you will enjoy your new addition (edition?)

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