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Blender 2.5 r25000

Blender development has surpassed 25000 commits! Mike Pan shows a nice graph of the development on his blog. I had yesterday created some builds to celebrate r25000, but I “forgot” to upload and publish them. So for those who still want r25000 win32 and win64 builds, do download here:

These are 7z self-extracting archives, built with the same settings as Blender 2.5 alpha 0.

I would also like to thank all the people who took the time to comment on the Blender 2.5 alpha 0 message. Most of the problems will be … Continue Reading

Blender 2.5 alpha 0 – Windows builds

It’s official. The very first release in the Blender 2.5 series is a fact. The first lines of code for it were coded back in 2007/2008, with the development pace picking up since Wintercamp 2009.

Thanks to the hard work of many developers Blender has now an amazing array of new features and improvements, like editable keymaps, new animation tools, improved and unified data API, and so on.

Grab your copy if you’re up for some alpha release testing :) (note: alpha means incomplete, features may change, and potentially unstableness. Yet, I think we have done quite … Continue Reading

Blender 2.5, Win64, r24754

I have uploaded a new build for Windows 64bit of Blender 2.5 to graphicall.org

Build configuration:

CCFLAGS = [‘/Ob1′, ‘/J’, ‘/W3′, ‘/Gd’, ‘/wd4244′, ‘/wd4305′, ‘/wd4800′, ‘/wd4065′, ‘/wd4267′, ‘/MT’, ‘/openmp’]



BF_MSVS = False

BF_BUILDDIR = ‘..\\build\\blender25-win64-vc’

Win64 Blender 2.5 with COLLADA support, r24556

I have uploaded a new 64bit build of Blender 2.5, with COLLADA support enabled. You can get it from graphicall.org.

As always, the package is a self-extracting 7z-archive. The archive has been scanned with AVG 9.0.707 for viruses.

Very short howto

Assumed: Visual Studio 2008 installed, Python 2.6 installed, subversion installed.

  1. svn co https://svn.blender.org/svnroot/bf-blender/trunk/blender c:\dev\blender
  2. svn co https://svn.blender.org/svnroot/bf-blender/trunk/lib/windows c:\dev\lib\windows
  3. start Visual Studio 2008 command prompt
  4. set PATH=C:\Python26;%PATH%
  5. cd c:\dev\blender
  6. python scons\scons.py WITH_BF_COLLADA=1 WITH_BF_QUICKTIME=0

PS. I’m still writing the detailed tutorial

Pasteall Pictures

For some time we worked on a new Pasteall.org service, one that everybody will like. You can already paste text (with syntax colouring) and .blend-files. This all is pretty nice to have, but pretty boring in itself.

So, we decided it would be great to have also a pastebin for images! We present you (proudly): Pasteall for Pictures.

Apart from pasting images, you can also download them and hotlink! Just check out for instance http://www.pasteall.org/pic/4 :

Image hotlinked from pasteall

Image hotlinked from pasteall

BMesh win32 test build (r24303)

I’ve created a win32 build of joeedh’s bmesh branch. See his call for testers for more info (note the redmine link for bug reports!).

So grab your build and start testing and reporting!

Before you start reporting issues:


his redmine installation has a copy of the users from http://projects.blender.org. If you have already an account there, you need to reset the password here (forgot password). This to make sure that a proper password is generated for your user account.


If you managed to create several accounts on projects.blender.org using your email address, … Continue Reading

Building Blender 2.5 on Windows 7 with MSVC and SCons

I have created a 30-minute screencast in which I briefly show how Blender 2.5 can be compiled using the SCons/msvc toolset. This screencast is as a quick gap-fill until I have written out more detailed notes.

COLLADA merged with trunk, Blender 2.5 – 64-bit!

As I wrote in my previous message, I’ve been working on getting OpenCOLLADA libs built for Blender 2.5. Yesterday I managed to get the problems solved for getting good builds on win32.

Today, I managed to create working 64-bit builds of OpenCOLLADA. The libraries I have committed to our repository, along with the necessary changes in trunk source to get proper win64 builds done with Blender.

I have uploaded the build based on r24264 to Graphicall.org: my 64-bit build for Windows.

If people want to know how to create 64-bit builds for Windows, please leave a comment. If there’s enough interest, I’ll … Continue Reading

COLLADA merged with trunk, Blender 2.5

Arystan Dyussenov has finally managed to merge the GSoC COLLADA branch to trunk. I have been fighting with a broken-ish build environment and the OpenCOLLADA libraries since then.

First, many days were wasted in figuring out why during linking of the first library of OpenCOLLADA the build process would go in an eternal loop, issueing linking commands for the same library over and over again. After having tried different SCons versions, and several futile hacks of the SCons-files of the project, I took a harder look at my own environment.

We have had some talk about having ie. gstreamer as … Continue Reading