BMesh win32 test build (r24303)

I’ve created a win32 build of joeedh’s bmesh branch. See his call for testers for more info (note the redmine link for bug reports!).

So grab your build and start testing and reporting!

Before you start reporting issues:


his redmine installation has a copy of the users from If you have already an account there, you need to reset the password here (forgot password). This to make sure that a proper password is generated for your user account.


If you managed to create several accounts on using your email address, contact me.

2 Responses to “BMesh win32 test build (r24303)”

  1. Greg Smith said:

    Nov 04, 09 at 17:59

    Perhaps you could detail where and how to report bugs found for those of us who don’t have any experience with the reporting method you seem to be stating above. I know I don’t know what you are talking about.

    For now, texture painting does not work. Especially choosing colors from the color picker does not work. Textured display does not work.

    Shape keys can be created and manipulated, but they cannot be animated. This is true of all of the branches.

    The knife tool does not have the modes accessible in version 2.49. The loop cut tool does not allow for cutting anywhere but at midpoints between edges.

    Greg Smith

  2. jesterKing said:

    Nov 05, 09 at 01:36

    You can report issues here:

    If you have an account over at, then you’ll need to ‘recover’ your password first through . If you haven’t an account at, then register first.

    After having logged in, you can add new issues or browse existing issues. I should think that the actual filling out of the issue form is quite obvious. If not, then do tell me :)

    Note that before reporting an issue, it would be good to check if it hasn’t been reported yet.


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