COLLADA merged with trunk, Blender 2.5

Arystan Dyussenov has finally managed to merge the GSoC COLLADA branch to trunk. I have been fighting with a broken-ish build environment and the OpenCOLLADA libraries since then.

First, many days were wasted in figuring out why during linking of the first library of OpenCOLLADA the build process would go in an eternal loop, issueing linking commands for the same library over and over again. After having tried different SCons versions, and several futile hacks of the SCons-files of the project, I took a harder look at my own environment.

We have had some talk about having ie. gstreamer as a replacement for FFMPEG. This means some new dependencies that traditionally are pretty hard to build on Windows (ignore FFMPEG here, it’s even harder). I found the OAH project. I decided to give it a spin – after some fiddling around, no good luck. I forgot about it. So yesterday I finally looked at my environment and noticed that the OAH linker would always somehow be used. After uninstalling the thing, I finally got through to linking and beyond! Then it was just a matter of doing some small fixes and picking the right settings for the libraries.

Last night I uploaded all libraries and their headers, necessary for Blender 2.5 to build with COLLADA support on Windows (32bit). I have uploaded the binary release of my build on as build 1159.

Give the build a spin and report any problems with it to our bug tracker.

At least it now imports Sketchup-files (note: get the COLLADA format, not .skp)! For instance, below a model from Google 3D Warehouse:

New Compound model from Google Earth

New Compound model from Google 3D Warehouse


5 Responses to “COLLADA merged with trunk, Blender 2.5”

  1. keless said:

    Nov 12, 09 at 16:05

    Hey, I’m really interested in Collada export from Blender (specifically bone animations, which I then run thru Collada2POD in order to use on the iPhone).

    I downloaded the latest 2.5 build (r24517) to test some collada format exporting, but I get some weird issues:

    If I export (from 2.5) a .blend with animations I created in 2.49, the library_animations XML tag gets filled in properly.

    However, if I animate a .blend in 2.5 and export it the library_animations tag is empty (specifically: )

  2. Zdenek said:

    Nov 18, 09 at 09:05

    Hi, looks promising, nevertheless I tryed to import sketchup file (actually several files) and I still get the same message “Ignoring mesh A…Z mesh has no vertices” and “couldnĀ“t find a mesh by uid”.
    Any suggestions?

  3. jesterKing said:

    Nov 19, 09 at 23:11

    Hmm, I’ve seen it too. I guess that this means more things to find out :) I think that for now they can be ignored, it means that probably some geometry is not imported correctly. I’ll notify Arystan of it.

  4. yellow said:

    Feb 19, 10 at 08:44


    Very interested in your discussions about GStreamer replacement for FFMPEG. Do you have a Windows build or branch that I can compile a Linux build?

    Could you elaborate on the reasons.

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