Common Blender 2.5 Problems And How To Fix Them

With Blender 2.5 alpha 0 we’ve seen the first release in the 2.5 series, boasting a great many new features on top of the all-new event system – a major overhaul of one of the most central parts of Blender. As one can expect, many problems were readily found during the first few moments after the release. I’ve tried to summarize most of the problems that users may run into that are easy to fix or work around.

Incomplete/gray GUI

Some users reported that the GUI would look incomplete. This turned out to be a problem with paths that contained non-ASCII characters. Although it should be fixed in recent builds (as of this writing), if you still experience that, move Blender to a location that contains only ASCII characters in the path. So no accented or non-latin characters like ë, é, µ and so on.

Incomplete GUI

Incomplete GUI

If you want to see for yourself how broken this looks like, go into the .blender/ directory and rename scripts/ to something like xripts/ and run Blender. You’ll see something like the above image. Rename back to scripts/ to get your nice Blender 2.5 back.

Crash while starting Blender

In some situations Blender would not even start. This would happen where the user had PYTHONPATH in the environment variables, pointing to an older Python version, most often Python 2.6. This could’ve happened either manually, to get Blender 2.49(b) working, where in some cases it could get confused or not find the proper Python installation. Or another program might have added the PYTHONPATH variable and set it to some older, pre-Python 3.1 installation.

The net result of this would be an instant crash? The reason for it is pretty simple: Python 3.1 is incompatible with previous Python versions. If you start Blender 2.5 from a command-line and have that PYTHONPATH pointing to Python 2.6 (or even older, if you have it installed), then you’ll see from the error output in the console that it tries to load Python 2.6 modules, and fails miserably.

To easily work around this, and without touching your environment, create a new file called blender.bat next to the blender.exe and add:


Next time you want to start Blender 2.5, start blender.bat instead. It will ensure that Blender 2.5 will run properly. For now you’ll have to do it for each Blender 2.5 installation you do to a separate directory (if you install over your existing Blender 2.5 that already has the above created blender.bat you don’t have to bother, otherwise just copy the file to the new installation, too).

GUI going gray after a while

This is most likely a problem with your driver. Make sure you have the latest for your videocard. If that really doesn’t seem to help, and you have played with the OpenGL buffer drawing type in the Blender user preferences for the system (triple buffer or any of the others) to no avail, try turning of hardware acceleration. Often using Windows Classic theme will turn of those effects and Aero (on Vista and Windows 7 at least). If that helps the drivers are your problem – waiting for a better driver version is then your only option, unfortunately.

Other problems?

If you know of other problems and work-arounds, please don’t hesitate to tell so in the comments!

135 Responses to “Common Blender 2.5 Problems And How To Fix Them”

  1. nick said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 01:51

    I have a problem with the middle mouse button preference.
    Doesn’t matter which option i choose It always rotates the view instead of panning :{

    Please tell me if you’ve found a solution for this.
    Thank you.

  2. jesterKing said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 02:24

    In the later revisions after Alpha 0 you can actually change that in the user preferences in the keymap. For newer builds, see the right sidebar. The two build links will point to my latest builds, which I create with the same settings as releases (and alpha 0. And the exception of the added WITH_BF_RAYOPTIMIZATION=True ;) ).

    Please try those later versions and see how changing keymaps work for you.

  3. ZanQdo said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 02:39

    What you probably have is a keymap collision. The keymap editor doesnt handle collisions yes so if another tool is using your new keymap and has a higher hardcoded priority then you will not see any change

  4. rben13 said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 04:12

    Is there an easy way to move your keymap from one install to another of 2.5? I install the latest of your builds, then have to map my keys again. Is there a file I can just copy?

  5. jesterKing said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 04:15

    You can save your keymap to a file in the keymap editor. This is a python file, which you can load and run in blender when you want to import those settings.

  6. Szofiel said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 04:53

    I happen to have troubles with my python version too, but in linux. Do you know some workarounds on the subject?


  7. Akira13 said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 05:07

    I cant seem to find the subsurf modifier in the modifier tab. does anyone knows where it is located in the 2.50 alpha 0 build?

  8. Endrijuu said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 05:16

    2.5 is impress , I like new interface…but….BUG no.1 – Import …3DS…not working…for interier designers it is catastrophic…Internal renderer is great to, but when you use a Area light with Raytrace shadows, Smooth is not working…like Flat setting…

  9. lm said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 05:17

    Blender 2.5 is absolutely fantastic, but just one tiny thing makes it absolutely unusable for me.
    The problem is that I have to click-drag RMB to grab vertex and CLICK YET AGAIN LMB to release it! What’s with the second click?!?! I believe ‘Drag Immediately’ checkbox supposed to deal with this but it does nothing….
    Or am I missing something?

  10. siraniks said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 05:19

    On Windows 7 problem on Aero theme the drivers are not the problem but the blender itself. The Blender 2.5 Alpha 0 should be using the latest Visual C++/.NET Redistributable to supports Aero Theme at Windows 7/Vista.

    I hope this helps at the next official builds.

  11. Slowboy said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 05:28

    My problem is that when trying to zoom in and out of the UI, it will suddenly go MASSIVE, and will be a real pain to get back to a useable size again. Unfortunately, I cannot use 2.5 until this is fixed.
    BTW, does anyone know how to Copy – Location, as used to be on CTRL+C menu?

  12. Matthew Graham said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 05:35

    The Subsurf modifier has changed its name to Subdivision Surface. It is still located in the modifiers tab, 2nd from the bottom in the ‘Generate’ column.

  13. Diego Penalver said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 06:38

    Hi Jesterking,
    I was wondering where did some useful py scripts go, like:
    -Solid wireframe
    -Solidify selecction


  14. James said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 06:48

    Whenever I open up Blender 2.5, it has a complete mental breakdown. The entire interface screws itself up for no reason at all. Can someone please explain to me what’s going on?

    I have Windows Vista Home edition and the latest Python installed….?

  15. xsinick said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 06:48

    Middle mouse need to have the pan option working.

    Jester you build left it out entirely I hope this isn’t how 2.5 is gonna be.

  16. Triac said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 06:57


    i can’t find the Bevel option in the ‘w’-Menu – the bevel modifier works, but if I just want to bevel only one edge it will just work with the bevel-option…in the ‘w’-Menu

    I need help in this point…


  17. Saverio said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 07:00

    The edge/face select mode stopped working for me (maybe is a problem of my ati hd3200) in blender 2.5, i noticed that disabling the VBO option from user preferences can solve the problem.

  18. Levisarts said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 07:30

    Love 2.5. It is awesome.I run a few PC’s and i have some mouse problems..All my mice are logitec wireless and for some reason The MMB does nothing on one mouse and works fine on the others. Not a biggie but it is kinda weird.

    P.S and that mouse MMB works fine with all the other programs I use.

  19. Duoc said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 07:34

    When rendering out audio with FFMPEG the movie file becomes dark. Rendering out with any other format works just fine. Just the gamma looks like it decreased significantly when rendering with FFMPEG. Alo, I know in previous version, you can make a loop cut by pressing CTRL+R and then press any number button to get that many cuts. In 2.5, it seems like you can’t do this anymore.

  20. Dan said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 07:55

    Bake fluids results in no baking

  21. pedro said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 08:13

    I’m using blender 2.5 in a Macbook pro. I was previouslu using 2.49.
    The new version does not allow me to render in any way, The preview window show a grid and nothing comes out either in the window or in any file out.

    Any clue ?

  22. Keffertjuh said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 08:15

    My tabs go into randomnized purple flicker as I start it up…I started a topic in the…umm…I think it was Blender test builds section on the forum called ‘purplish issues’…
    Already tried restarting and downloading it again…
    added the URL to the pic probably above…

  23. Keffertjuh said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 08:15

    nvm dunno what the URL thing in the above section is for…

  24. Mehmet PINARCI sendercorp said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 08:25

    thank you very much .

  25. Benjamin said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 08:53

    Hey I tried the blender.bat solution but Blender still keeps crashing anyway so I don’t think that that is my problem.

    This same thing has happened on two different computers, Blender runs for about a week and then won’t load anymore… On my home computer (XP pro – 32bit) it crashed during a render and then wouldn’t open anymore, And at my office (XP pro – 64bit) it just wouldn’t open (I was not doing anything at the time).

    But I look forward to using it as soon as all the problems are gone and it is set loose as 2.6 ;)


  26. erik90mx said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 10:14


    It’s great to do this … some of the problems that commonly I have are:

    When I open a file created in version 2.49 and going to the menu of the modifiers and press the middle button of the mouse to move it up all gets too big and distorted, look:

    The other thing that happens to me, is that when I put the subsurf and I selected a vertex … the 3D manipulator is at another point far side of the selected vertex, look:

    And the last thing that happens to me, is that after working in Blender for a while, I can not close this, just does not close normally when I press the X in the corner … and I have to close from the monitor task.

    I do not know if this happens only to me, but it is an Alpha version jejeje, so it’s all very well, the developers are the best;)

    Someone had trouble opening a file made in version 2.5 to version 2.49?


    PS: The files. Blend can be downloaded from this project (to test or modify)

    (in Spanish)

  27. madpsychot said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 10:41

    I’ve noticed that using nodes can cause crashes, but at odd times. Adding a texture to a rgb curve node crashes Blender, but only when you connect the curve node to anything else.

  28. Dave said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 11:37

    How do you scroll side to side and up and down with the scrollwheel on the mouse?

  29. Mannex said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 11:56

    How about, guess most common on Ubuntu 9.10 (Linux) segfaults, did this every time after a first successful run, seems to fix itself by passing just a space and some chosen letter after; terminal “./blender” ex: “./blender a” can someone care to elaborate on WHY this helps? After I’ve done this I can run Blender normally.

  30. erik90mx said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 12:54

    Dave: In Blender 2.49, when you use control+scrollwheel and the buttons are small or large (depending on which way you turn it) you can move the buttons, dragging the mouse normally with the scrollwheel pressed.

    And when I move a bit up is when it distorts everything T_T


  31. rben13 said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 14:36

    Here’s how I do the Python thing. I have the following environment variables:


    They are set to point to the appropriate directories. I also have a blender.bat file which has in it:

    set PythonHome=%PythonHomeXX%
    set PythonPath=%PythonPathXX%

    with XX being the appropriate python version for whichever version of Blender I am running. It works great.

  32. jesterKing said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 15:19

    If you have PYTHONPATH set on your system, you should be able to override that in a terminal from which you start Blender.

    Otherwise, care to elaborate a bit more on your Python problems? What kind of error output? Symptoms?

  33. jesterKing said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 15:20

    I’ll have to check my redistributables then. I do build on Windows 7 though.

  34. jesterKing said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 15:29

    Hmm, most of visual problems are related to drivers, although siraniks suggests that also redistributables need to be checked (which I personally find hard to believe, but it better be checked). So at least try to ensure you have the latest drivers for your videocard.

    I’m not sure where Copy>Location has gone, but at least you can do ctrl+c/ctrl+v when mousing over data inputs.

  35. jesterKing said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 15:30

    Not all scripts have been ported yet. I’m sure that nearing the end of the Blender 2.5 development timeline, somewhere spring 2010, an effort will be done to port over the most useful scripts.

  36. jesterKing said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 15:33

    If the screw-over looks anything like the screencapture, then check its instructions how to fix.

    From Blender 2.5 on you won’t need any extra Python installed, btw. Python 3.1 is fully bundled with the Windows versions of Blender, and it is preferrable to not have any other version pointed at by PYTHONPATH.

    Otherwise, check drivers and such, to see if they are most up-to-date.

  37. jesterKing said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 15:33

    Bevel hasn’t been re-implemented yet.

  38. jesterKing said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 15:35

    Hmm, that would point in the direction of the ATi driver indeed. I have ATi HD 3150 and ATi HD 3450 machines myself, and I have not yet experienced the mentioned problem. I do run the latest drivers to my knowledge.

  39. jesterKing said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 15:38

    Start a loop-cut, then check the operator properties in the toolbar (default T-key, then left bottom). Right after the cut, change the amount of cuts before doing anything else. You can change until you’re satisfied with the number.

    This is also how many tools work in Blender 2.5. Take for instance subdivide – you can change the level of subdivision in the operator properties panel while you have the tool active.

  40. jesterKing said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 15:50

    You should be able to get the view back to normal using HOME.

    On subdivision surface modifier: that seems to be a bug indeed. Looks like the cursor is not updated to the optimal drawn mesh cage.

  41. jesterKing said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 15:52

    Nice :) Be noted though that Blender 2.5 on Windows comes with Python 3.1 bundled. You can find it in .blender/scripts/python/lib, and this is where Blender 2.5 will look for if no other location is given.

  42. jesterKing said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 15:54

    That looks very wrong indeed O.o I assume you have tried updating videocard drivers and if that didn’t help, you tried turning off hardware acceleration features for your card? Easiest would be to use the Windows Classic theme.

  43. jesterKing said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 16:04

    You can set this yourself in the user preferences:

    ctrl-alt-u > input > map: View 3d (change from Window). Remap view3d.rotate and view3d.move

  44. jesterKing said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 16:07

    Hmm, from what I can tell, I use the latest redistributable.

  45. Holly said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 16:34

    i have a problem in blender 2.5 in loading large or complex scenes/models. simple stuff blender can load, but not the main ones im working on (python scripts had been taken out of it, but bone structures and subsurfs and similar left).

  46. jesterKing said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 16:55

    These are bugs. If you find the time, please report them to the bug tracker over at . Thanks!

  47. jesterKing said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 16:56

    Hmm, I think this has always worked like this…

  48. jesterKing said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 16:57

    The node editor has not yet had the amount of love as for instance the animation tools :( But I’m sure that whenever Durian progresses towards final stages, that this will get more love too.

  49. Reda Abbas said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 16:59

    I’m having a problem with copying objects in blender 2.49b. When I copy an object more than one time and move the copies and save the file, the objects are on top of each other when I load the file again.Sometimes I find the objects in other places different from the original place. I tested it on Ubuntu Linux 9.10 32-bit and the Machine is AMD Phenom II X3 720 BE with 4GB RAM and nVidia 9500 GT.Any Help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  50. BlendNZjnr said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 17:13

    HI a couple of things… How do you put a background image in the 3D view??? I can’t find anything.
    Also get some strange things happening when I cntrl scroll button resizing the button window.. it goes completely wacky, half of it disappears and it stretching like 3 miles sideways

  51. Breno said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 17:38

    Im using Ubuntu 9.10 here, blender 2.49 working just fine… but 2.5 is veeeeery slow, unusable. Maybe thats ’cause I’ve got a ati x1650 card,…. but since 2.49 is fine, maybe something could be done….

  52. cowfish said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 17:55

    For ubuntu 9.10 I ended up having to install Python 3.1 from source, seems blender needed python compiled with –enable-unicode=ucs2. The version on ubuntu had ucs4 enabled.

    I also had to remove all the desktop effects (compiz) with desktop effects enabled blender 2.5 was very unstable. Menus would stop responding and I could not exit blender with out having to kill the process.

  53. Greenlig said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 18:25

    I like the new version :) Won’t be moving over from 2.49 for a while, but it is definitely impressive.

    Just a quick question, where have the gestures gone? They were one of my favourite and most used features! I cannot tell you how disappointed I was when I opened 2.5 and left-dragging the mouse did nothing.

    Is there any fix for this?


  54. erik90mx said:

    Dec 10, 09 at 23:25

    Hi, I just try but … nothing is the same when I use the subsurf with this option enabled … look:

    And that size was the thing that I said about the bottons jejeje the buttons get distorted when I tried to move up (this time a little)


  55. lm said:

    Dec 11, 09 at 00:48

    Now you have got to be kidding!..
    Just to check if that wasn’t a dream I’ve downloaded and installed v2.49. Yes — the DEFAULT behavior is like I’ve described (click to grab and click to release). But when you check ‘Drag Immediately’ button (Preferences|Edit Methods|Transform:Drag Immediately), the behavior changes to what it suppose to be (and IS in every other modeling package). Turns out 2.49 is actually a MORE EFFICIENT modeler?!
    I wonder then what exactly ‘Drag Immediately’ button does in 2.5 ?!?!

  56. talachem said:

    Dec 11, 09 at 00:57


    does anybody know how to get the Spacenavigator working again? It worked just fine on blender 2.49b. I’m using Windows 7 64bit.

    Thank you in advance,

  57. Triac said:

    Dec 11, 09 at 01:39


    maybe you are able to implement a new function … to round edges…so that we dont need to bevel 4 or 5 times if we need rounded edges…?

    mfg Triac

  58. Triac said:

    Dec 11, 09 at 01:44


    i just forgot…if i change the camera lens angle – it doesnt work…

    mfg Triac

  59. rben13 said:

    Dec 11, 09 at 03:29

    You can add a background by clicking on the little + sign in the upper right-hand corner of the 3D display, which will expand the view properties. Towards the bottom, you’ll see the Background Image tab.

  60. rben13 said:

    Dec 11, 09 at 03:33

    I also have the problem where I can’t close Blender normally after using it for a long time. I suspect there is some kind of memory leak or pointer problem. I haven’t found a reliable way to reproduce the problem quickly, yet.

  61. Dienben said:

    Dec 11, 09 at 05:37


    I try to put a background image. I’ve found the tab, but I try to enter a path and it do not work. I’ve expected the same open button than the one in the texture menu.

    What I’ve missed?

    More, is there any documentation for the new 2.5 version?

    Thanks for your help,


  62. anonymous said:

    Dec 11, 09 at 11:19

    Triple-buffering (the default window draw method) is extremely slow on linux with a recent ATI card and the open source 3d drivers – slower even than software rendering. This can be fixed by changing preferences -> system -> window draw method to “overlap”.

  63. Zyan said:

    Dec 11, 09 at 17:16

    2.5 looks fine, but I don’t think the new interface is complete, becouse for example, in the world menu there is no button for adjusting the exposure level. Is it out for ever? Was it moved in another menu? How could I find it?

  64. hyp3r-fux said:

    Dec 11, 09 at 17:24

    Scaling menus/buttons sometimes doesn’t work with horizontal alignment.
    and switch to modifiers.

    Scaling the menus with CTRL+MMB results in:

    (Windows 7, NVidia 9800GTX+, latest driver)

  65. jesterKing said:

    Dec 11, 09 at 18:19

    I’ve found that the background image shows only when in ortho mode.

  66. jesterKing said:

    Dec 11, 09 at 18:20

    My experience is that the proprietary drivers have better performance. But if the overlap draw method works for you, I’d say enjoy!

  67. jesterKing said:

    Dec 11, 09 at 18:27

    Hmm, at the very extremes of zoom out it seems to go all bonkers indeed. Fortunately you can use the HOME key to get a sane looking layout again. I’ll notify the developers of the problem (it happens in other properties sections too when horizontally layed out).

  68. oenvoyage said:

    Dec 14, 09 at 03:27

    Hello there,
    I had some problems with rendering speeds in the beginning. I posted an article with some tips:
    Its to do with optimization choices, hope it can help others too

  69. jesterKing said:

    Dec 15, 09 at 23:50

    Indeed, the choice of optimisation always depends on the type of your scene. Maybe we can get André to write up some more detailed description on the inner workings of his optimisations, in such a way that artists understand about them too.

  70. shega said:

    Dec 16, 09 at 01:48

    hi..i have a weird problem. (ctrl-alt-u > input > map: View 3d) i don’t have any other beside window. Is there something missing?

  71. » Blog Archive » Blender 2.5 | come risolvere problemi comuni said:

    Dec 16, 09 at 05:46

    […] Developer, ci da la massima garanzia di affidabilità e competenza. Potrete visionare i tips sul BLOG DELL’AUTORE. -Gikkio- Blender FREESTYLE ma per Blender 2.5BLENDER 2.5 | Beginner GuideBLENDER Meeting […]

  72. oldpond said:

    Dec 16, 09 at 20:43

    Some screenshots of default 2.5 install on gentoo 64bit. I had to go into user preferences and turn off all shading to get the interface to look right.

  73. jesterKing said:

    Dec 17, 09 at 00:29

    Nothing missing. It’s not very obvious, but you just need to click into the text entry widget that says Window, then remove that text – you’ll be presented with a dropdown that’ll show you all available keymaps.

  74. jesterKing said:

    Dec 17, 09 at 00:41

    Hmm, that’d mean driver problems. Maybe you could report this to the driver creators.

  75. jesterKing said:

    Dec 17, 09 at 00:42

    I asked around, and my impression is that exposure will be gone from these settings. Instead, the way to work with gamma is through the composite nodes.

  76. Zyan said:

    Dec 17, 09 at 10:55

    Thank you for answering to my questions jesterKing. I still think that the exposure adjusment must be a part of the world settings, it’s simple and nice, it’s PROFESSIONAL: why 3dsMax would have three exposure manners in the environment panel (linear, automatic and logaritmic), and Blender- NONE?!

  77. shega said:

    Dec 18, 09 at 00:58

    @ jesterking: gee thx man!

  78. jesterKing said:

    Dec 18, 09 at 03:39

    That’s a good question :) But I’m sure that these issues will be investigated more closely when they get relevant at least for project Durian. Currently the main focus of the work is on animation tools, sculpt tools and such (and getting the UI in better shape still, enough open issues there :O ). If this is really important to you, I suggest you write up a good proposal with proper arguments for instance on the wiki, and then show it to the developers in #blendercoders or on the funcboard mailing list).

  79. jesterKing said:

    Dec 18, 09 at 04:02

    you’re welcome :)

  80. Zyan said:

    Dec 18, 09 at 10:15

    I’ll think about your sugestion seriously. Anyway I’ve tried some renderings using composite nodes and I like the results.

  81. Zyan said:

    Dec 18, 09 at 10:51

    I have observed some changes concerning the mesh tools. Maybe I’m wrong but there is no bevel edges command in the mesh tools menu, and the extrusion means only extrude region, there is no option for extruding individual faces, I don’t understand why. And a positive remark, I’m glad that the brigdge command exists, it is very helpful (for me).

  82. James Jackaman said:

    Dec 26, 09 at 10:53

    Yes I was trying this out on my new iMac, 10.5 snow leopard, setting up the fluid simulation seems fine, but clicking bake just holds the program without showing any fluid results. have to hit escape to continue with no result. Shame!

  83. James Jackaman said:

    Dec 26, 09 at 11:22

    the bake IS working, it just doesn’t show it until it is complete OR you escape and play the animation back. display error I guess.

  84. James Jackaman said:

    Dec 27, 09 at 02:23

    OK update update,
    no way to export the fluid mesh as an animation, (unless you want to manually go frame by frame… this IS A SHAME as that is what I use blender for, it’s fluids. 2.4 CAN export multi frame mesh objects 2.5 doesn’t seem to work the same.

  85. jack.herbert said:

    Jan 05, 10 at 09:49

    I confirm, using linux mint here, and the background-image field brings up little empty gray window and not a file browser.
    Writing a file location doesn’t seem to work.
    I’m off to check the blender bug tracker thingy, it’s probably already there.

  86. jack.herbert said:

    Jan 05, 10 at 09:58

    Okay… my mistake, it’s not a bug, just not super intuitive. You have to first open the image with the UV/Image editor, then it shows up in the little gray window.
    My bad.

  87. Frank said:

    Jan 10, 10 at 16:55

    I just downloaded 2.5 start new and go to scroll and my veiw begins to go dark the more I scroll the darker the scene become, but when i click on the scene it comes back just one click. Thx Frank

  88. Tiburon said:

    Jan 11, 10 at 08:42

    I still have problem with that.
    I made a bleder.bat in which is
    set PYTHONPATH=F:\Program Files\Blender 2.50\win32-mingw_b25897\.blender\python\lib

    But if I try to start them it will crash down. The same if i try to start blender.exe.

  89. learn101 said:

    Jan 11, 10 at 09:02

    I just installed blender 2.5 Alpha 0 on my mac and I can’t open my old blender files. When I run it the files shows up on the listed blender files that I have, but when you press it blender says “error, cannot read file.” I tried opening the files in blender 2.49b and it worked fine. Any way to fix this?

  90. jesterKing said:

    Jan 13, 10 at 00:00

    Can you try still with


    instead? I assume from your PYTHONPATH that you build your own Blender. Can you also try with one of my recent builds to see if they crash too? Currently I don’t have a proper MingW environment set up to verify it for the same settings as I use when building with msvc.

  91. fridolin said:

    Jan 21, 10 at 03:07

    anything new about the “background Image” thing??
    i tried typing in the path of my image, but its useless.
    also you can’t open a filebrowser..

  92. fridolin said:

    Jan 21, 10 at 03:22

    i think that is because of python. –
    your old blendfiles are made with some funktions(modifier or so) in blender that are based on a previous version of python.
    2.5 cant read it cause of python 3.x instead of 2.x

    or it is something completely different XD

  93. radeoflier said:

    Feb 02, 10 at 15:41

    Did you report these yet?

  94. Help please said:

    Feb 08, 10 at 17:05

    This is the first time using blender and i having a horrible time using it because the screen is just black for it.

  95. muslis said:

    Mar 02, 10 at 11:44

    Hello! I have a problem. Does anybody kmows how to download a background image?

  96. victor acevedo said:

    Mar 08, 10 at 08:32

    Hi!, I have a question on blender 2.5 alpha 1, (windows 7 x64)

    I use a lot of textures on the materials, and when I import materials from previous 2.49 files, when I want to render, an error occurs, blender crashes, and when I open the file again, most of my textures on the materials are “canceled” or “dissapear”, even if it is a procedural texture, what could be the problem?

    this also happened when I tried to make a new material using new textures, imitating the imported materials.

  97. TTT said:

    Mar 08, 10 at 19:53

    I had the incomplete UI problem too. However, after I change the root folder’s name from my language to English, the problem gone. So, I think using the folder’s name in English might help to solve this problem.

  98. Kevin said:

    Mar 15, 10 at 13:28

    How exactly do you find the blender.exe file. like can you walk me through the steps to get 2.5 working? I’ve got the same crashing problem. Would I find the blender.exe file in the 2.49 folder or the 2.5 folder? I’m not incredible with computers, a least programming and stuff (pretty damn good at blender). If you’d help me that’d be amazing!

  99. Kit England said:

    May 02, 10 at 17:24

    I have a similar problem to the post at the bottom of page 1. I get the instant crash and the console shows that 2.5 has found the 2.6 Python that my 2.49b uses instead of using the Python 3.1 that came bundled with the 2.5 build. I’m pretty good with Blender but a dunce with computers otherwise. In attempting to create a new .bat file I wrote.. set PYTHONPATH=blender on a wordpad .txt document or file, changed that to a .bat file, put that in the folder with all the other stuff for the Blender 2.5 build above (I guess that the same as next to)the blender .exe file. and then clicked it to open 2.5 as instructed in the directions for the “instant crash” work around. I can see a console flash up real quick and then go away, wat to fast to see what it says. Then nothing happens. Can anyone explain what I’m doing wrong or give a better step by step direction on how to get this work around accomplised. Thank you.

  100. Rainer said:

    May 04, 10 at 23:21

    Subtle. You just need a return after “PYTHONPATH=”, put “blender” on the second line, then save as .bat and run the file

  101. dusan said:

    May 05, 10 at 07:47

    Hi my name is Dusan from Czech republic
    I love Makehuman nightly but I can not import any files .mhx to blender 2.5
    I’ve done all 3steps you described and nothing.
    I believe that there’s no problem with my computer(laptop)XP home Dell D830 with C++2008 and
    python 2.6 and 3.1
    I use both because in blender 2.49 I have no problem to import makehuman files
    But in Blender 2.5 I can not do it.I send text from console with hope that someone will help me:
    found bundled python: C:\BLENDE…….etc
    RNA_string_set:IMPORT_SCENE_OT_makehuman_mhx.filename not found.
    RNA_string………………………… not found.
    File “C:\BLENDE~1\.blender\scripts\io\”, line2128, in execute
    UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf8' codec can't decode byte in position 28:unexpected code byte

    Sorry probably this is something what is possible to manage but Iam not able…
    I've tried anything to do that myself but I need help….

    Send me detailed way how to set it or what to do to make import from makehuman nightly to blender 2.5 please….
    I do not know what I can do wrong….
    Also….I can not import to blender 2.5 anything
    .obj ….nothing works and both makehuman and blender are the latest releses…
    thank you

  102. PJ said:

    May 06, 10 at 08:43

    When I start “User Preferences” 2.5 crashes. I would be most grateful for your feed back.

  103. Tom said:

    Jun 01, 10 at 10:54

    Same problem as PJ here- When I start “User Preferences” 2.5 crashes.

    Running the latest svn (June 01) happened on all versions so far trued. It’s a real pain.

  104. carlos said:

    Jun 14, 10 at 18:19


    I´m having some trouble with render.when I try to setup my scene,add some lights, and changing the definitions of lights and shadows…and when I finally say blender to render, it just crashes!Anyone can help me with this?

  105. oscar said:

    Jun 17, 10 at 19:19

    Hello, I just downloaded blender 2.5 alpha 2 and the problem I’m having is that when I run blender it’s freaking slow, is soo laggy, I can’t work with it that way, I also have blender 2.4b and python 2.6 i know python 3.1 is included on the alpha version and it runs (as far as i could saw) well, but soo slow, my OS is windows 7 2gig ram, 1.7 processor, ati x1400 256M, the strange thing is that i also have ubuntu 9.04 (on dual boot) and it runs sooo quickly, it runs so well, I don’t understand what’s happening, on win I have all my drivers up to date, please help I would love to take a sneak peak on the alpha version on windows

  106. jesterKing said:

    Jun 18, 10 at 00:13

    Hi Oscar. I run Windows 7 too (ultimate, 64bit in my case). I have an ATi HD 4650, but I experience no slow down. You may want to try in user preferences > system settings in Blender to cqhange the Window Draw Method to see if any of the others give better performance.

  107. jesterKing said:

    Jun 18, 10 at 00:17

    I assume you have an Intel video card? Unfortunately I have a hard time reproducing this problem. When time permits I’ll try to put up a debug build as well, so that people could help in finding the root cause for this problem. Until that is fixed, please try to not use actions where a new system window is created. User prefeneces can be switched to in any blender window through the editor type menu on the left side of an editor main menu. Same probably goes for rendering in a separate window.

  108. jesterKing said:

    Jun 18, 10 at 00:18

    Tom, please see my response to PJ above.

  109. jesterKing said:

    Jun 18, 10 at 00:18

    Are you rendering to a new window? If so, this may be your problem. Please try rendering either full screen or to image editor. Hopefully this works better.

  110. jesterKing said:

    Jun 18, 10 at 00:34

    I read on makehuman blog that you already got answered. And your error (UnicodeDecodeError) points exactly into that direction. I thought we had fixed this part though :/ So thanks for your report anyway, need to check this out one more time then in the code of Blender :)

  111. jesterKing said:

    Jun 18, 10 at 00:35

    As Rainer in the next comment says, your .bat file needs to be of the form:


    So on two seperate lines.

  112. oscar said:

    Jun 19, 10 at 11:38

    hello jesterKing, thanks for your post, I just changed the window draw mode and the one that made it faster was triple buffer but it still laggy to work with it, so idk if there’s another thing I may change on blender to improve performance ‘cuz as you know I have also version 2.4b and it runs sooo well, very fast, so I think is not my computer at all, plz help

  113. koil said:

    Jul 01, 10 at 17:30

    check it out, this is some real wierd bug :/

    Ive updated gcard drivers, still the same.

    SIS672 series, internel, Mirage 3+.


  114. jesterKing said:

    Jul 01, 10 at 21:09

    That indeed does look very weird. Have you also tried setting different drawing methods in Blender’s user preferences under section System?

    Also, please try to find where you can switch of or turn down the usage of hardware acceleration on the operating system side. Also make sure you don’t have any type of anti-aliasing enabled for the driver.

    I guess you don’t experience this with any type of OpenGL game?

  115. koil said:

    Jul 02, 10 at 06:31


    win7 home basic laptop it is.

    i tryed to go on to user preferences, blender tryes to load the window, then crashes, “stops working”.
    if there is another to set a drawing method, ill try it, but i couldnt find any files.

    when i change the desktop display to 16bit colours, the same thing happend, but it turns pink/white at the same time when morphing, lol.. looks like some acid trip.

    changing the resolution doesnt change anything.

    “Also, please try to find where you can switch of or turn down the usage of hardware”

    i cant locate this yet, microsoft messed up the control panel.. may not even be one, there is SIS settup program, but its weak, just used to adjust colours, brightness, gamma.

    ill try find a opengl game later, but being a laptop, i dont think many games will work, ill look for dev demos.

    hey, it could just be a misfit laptop, i hope, then you shouldnt have to worrie about it :|

  116. koil said:

    Jul 02, 10 at 06:53

    i got demos from here.

    Picking and Intersection Test.

    they both work fine, just the Picking ones a bit slow.

  117. jesterKing said:

    Jul 02, 10 at 13:34

    Instead of using the User Preference entry from the top file menu change to them from the 3d view where you normally change editor type (bottom-left corner).

    For some cards+drivers creating a new window crashes (so most likely rendering to a new window will crash too – in that case render to image editor), and I have been unable to reproduce that (so hard to debug too :/ ).

    AFAIK you can force windows to not use hardware acceleration by not using an Aero-based theme (anyone who knows better, please correct me). Classic will most likely work for that.

    I think that I have currently no further ideas of what could fix your problem (except for SIS writing better drivers ;) )

  118. jesterKing said:

    Jul 02, 10 at 13:35

    Hmm, too bad the picking test doesn’t use OpenGL API for the picking, but C++. But good to know that otherwise the apps work fine.

  119. koil said:

    Jul 02, 10 at 14:31


    got on to user preferences via editor type, changed the window draw method.

    they all work except tripple buffer, which was the automatic one.

    true what said about SIS drivers still :)

    Thanks jesterKing :D

  120. jesterKing said:

    Jul 02, 10 at 14:33

    Ah, great that it worked like this :)

    So remember to not render to a new window then, and no window duplications either :)

  121. Matt Hurley said:

    Jul 23, 10 at 10:33

    I tried your .bat fix, but Blender 2.5x 64-bit still crashes on startup. I’ve been running 2.49b 64-bit for a while, and 2.5alpha2 32-bit, but the Alpha2 64-bit and this new 2.53 64-bit both crash on startup. I have 64-bit Python 3.1 and 2.7, and I’m running Win7 64-bit. I’ve updated all my drivers and it still doesn’t work. All Blender installs are in separate folders.

    Thanks for your help,

  122. jesterKing said:

    Jul 29, 10 at 13:53

    What version did you install from The zip or the installer?

  123. Erin said:

    Sep 07, 10 at 07:54

    Blender crashes when I try to select a picture. All the time.

  124. jesterKing said:

    Sep 08, 10 at 11:12

    Does this also happen with the latest builds I have published?

  125. Orlando Martinez said:

    Feb 06, 11 at 11:06

    I purchased and downloaded a DVD on how to create a human tutorial, and every since blender has crashed 34 times in about 3 days and it has never crashed prior to the times it has recently. It crashes when I try to recalculate and/or create quads/faces… it freezes and then just crashes and an error/ blender has occurred a problem pops up. It has never crashed before recently and I do not know what to do, bc its making it impossible to create my meshes when it crashes constantly! please help! Im on a 2010 Macbook pro, fully equipped. dont know what else to do… ive uninstalled and resinstalled blender 2 times since, still no relief… any advice????

  126. REZ said:

    Feb 24, 11 at 06:10

    I can’t open any of the builds from the Blender official site without it immediately crashing. Interestingly, the builds that are independent on other sites (e.g. Ocean Sim) work fine. Maybe something/ someone corrupted the code by mistake??

  127. jesterKing said:

    Feb 28, 11 at 15:49

    Do my builds on work fine for you? I have them linked in my blog at the top of the right-hand column.

  128. The Beachdancer said:

    Feb 05, 15 at 21:01

    Blender (Not responding) when launched.

    2.73 was working. Crashed. When I try to restart it the window opens with the blender icon and name but a completely grey featureless window and then after a minute or so the window adds the words (not responding) later windows closes it or asks me if I want to close it.

    I tried launching 2.72b and it has the same frozen result.

    The odd thing is that if I double click a .blend file. It opens in 2.72b with very old user preferences.

    Nothing on the computer has been changed inbetween working properly and the above fault – just the crash of blender. (I then restarted windows in case that would help)

  129. Ben said:

    Mar 03, 15 at 02:24

    Completely useless. The fix about crashing on start and python does not work at all. It will not load up at all and I need a program like this. I’m glad it is offered free because it would be completely useless and a total waste of money if I had to purchased it.

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  134. Jackst3r5 said:

    May 31, 16 at 22:28

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