Blender 2.5 r30109

I’ve updated my Blender builds (self-extracting archives) on Note that these are not the installers that I also have been posting. Please get them and enjoy!

As always, you can find the links to these download pages on the right side of my blog.

Update: I’ve now also updated the installer builds:

7 Responses to “Blender 2.5 r30109”

  1. dd said:

    Jul 09, 10 at 00:21

    i try your Blender 2.5 r30109 win32 installer
    and i have error message
    see pic –>

  2. dd said:

    Jul 09, 10 at 00:23

    my os win xp pro 32

  3. jesterKing said:

    Jul 09, 10 at 01:19

    Hmm, I’ve updated the installer to include the vcomp90.dll automatically. Please check the installation directory to see if the necessary file is there. If not, please redownload and reinstall.

    If it then still not works as expected, please report again here.


  4. dd said:

    Jul 09, 10 at 04:10

    ok it’s work fine now, :)

    but when i uninstall blenderfoundation folder still left on programfiles folder

    see pic –>>

  5. jesterKing said:

    Jul 09, 10 at 04:27

    Thanks, this is a known issue, and I’m trying to figure out the best way to handle this in the uninstaller.

  6. Tommy said:

    Jul 09, 10 at 05:44

    Are these updates for the Blender 2.52 installers?
    I assume they are as there would have been a bigger fuss made over the next release of blender 2.53

  7. jesterKing said:

    Jul 09, 10 at 10:46

    Indeed these are updates to the installer and just my semi-regular SVN builds that I like to put on for download, so people can test drive the latest of SVN and report any issues. Rest assured for official release there will be much more interesting posts – you’ll know when a blog post of mine is about a release :)

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