Blender 2.5 r30404

I have updated all my builds over at See the build links in the right-hand sidebar.

This build has now the merged GSoC Sculpt branch work, as well as the latest changes for the filepath patch.

Please give these a good spin again. Thanks and enjoy!

7 Responses to “Blender 2.5 r30404”

  1. Ray said:

    Jul 17, 10 at 04:05

    Trying your 64 bit installer it went fine and seems to work like a charm.
    Platform: Windows 7 professional 64 bits,
    processor: i7 720 M (thinkpad laptop)
    RAM 2Go
    Graphics: Quadro FX 2800 M


    best regards, Maurice

  2. flyhigh said:

    Jul 20, 10 at 04:53

    I had your earlier build (r30109) installed, when tryed to install this new vesion (r30523).
    Installer went througth ok, but started blender did not have any buttons or sliders.
    Uninstalled and reinstalled -> all seems to work now.
    Default install path was correct (\Program Files\…)!

    Thanks for the build,

    regards, Seppo

  3. flyhigh said:

    Jul 20, 10 at 04:56

    Sorry, but forgot to mention my OS: Win 7 / 64bit.

    BR, Seppo

  4. dd said:

    Jul 20, 10 at 06:48

    bug!? blender 2.52 replaced by blender 2.49b

    here’s step to do

    1.install blender 2.52
    2.install blender 2.49b
    3. you will see blender 2.52 will be replaced by blender 2.49b !

    i use your Blender 2.5 win32 – Installer r30523 download from graphicall

  5. Whimsy Collective said:

    Jul 21, 10 at 08:45

    @Jesterking I like your naming convention it’s neat. May I suggest adding a suffix at the end of the filename, such as your builders initials. Something along the lines.

    [number] [name] [version] [svn] [compiler optional] [os] [builder name]

  6. jesterKing said:

    Jul 29, 10 at 13:52

    Thanks for the suggestion, I might do that in future builds. (Unless laziness gets the upperhand ;) )

  7. jesterKing said:

    Jul 29, 10 at 13:53

    Thanks for the report. I’ll try to recreate this on my virtualbox.

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