Blender 2.5 r30866

Hi, I’ve updated my builds over on again.

For the win32 builds FFTW3 support (used in Smoke simulation) is now enabled too, whereas for the 64bit builds it already was there.

As always, you can find the links to these download pages also on the right side of my blog.


10 Responses to “Blender 2.5 r30866”

  1. matty 686 said:

    Jul 29, 10 at 16:08

    the game engine crashes

  2. matty 686 said:

    Jul 29, 10 at 16:09

    it crashes when you make ridged body’s

  3. jesterKing said:

    Jul 29, 10 at 17:30

    Hmm, could you report a bug for that in the bugtracker at Thanks!

  4. flyhigh said:

    Jul 29, 10 at 20:16

    Loaded your “Blender 2.5 r30866 win64″ into Win7/64bits.
    3d-view update rate gets werry low, when measure panel script is enabled on userpref., and properties panel (N) is visible.
    update rate goes as low as 1 frame /5sek.

    I have also version r30813, which worked fine!
    Also there is your erlier install version installed!
    There is problem during exit from blender (there is buck report about that).
    br: Seppo

  5. jesterKing said:

    Jul 29, 10 at 23:43

    Hrm, indeed. I see the same behaviour here. Thanks for reporting. Ja mulle kyllä saa ihan suomeksikin kommentoida ;)

  6. Andy C said:

    Jul 30, 10 at 01:03

    Hi jesterKing,

    Many thanks for all the Blender builds on Graphicall! Is there any chance you could make a 64-bit build with fastmath enabled?

    Many thanks,

    Andy C

  7. jesterKing said:

    Jul 30, 10 at 01:11

    Maybe – I’m generally not very fond of optimised builds (as they may exhibit buggy behaviour especially during rendering), but I’ll see if I can start doing some optimised builds next to the four I already do. For the builds that I already have I use the same settings as for the official builds, btw :)

  8. flyhigh said:

    Jul 30, 10 at 20:20

    Koska pakettisi on ladattavissa Graphicallista, on lataajien/kommentoijien enemmistö luultavasti muita kuin suomea puhuvia. Sen takia yritän kommentoida englanniksi, vaikka vähän honommallakin!
    terveisin: Seppo

  9. jesterKing said:

    Jul 31, 10 at 11:46

    Juu, nou hätä :) Ajattelin vain mainita, jos vaikka englannista tulisiki ylivoimainen este, niin saa suomeksiki kommentoida. Ja toki englanniksikin edelleen saa kirjoittaa :)

  10. jesterKing said:

    Jul 31, 10 at 11:46

    Niin muuten, ja sitten kanavaksi!

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