Blenderstorm BETA

For some time I have been working on bringing back Blenderstorm, along side my current main project (Naali development, integrating Verse as a tech demo, which will be cool for another post next week). I’ve now put up a test site at, where I invite people to register, testdrive the site and report obvious bugs in functionality (SQL errors, things like that).

Next to bug hunting the single biggest task is still ahead: themeing of Blenderstorm. I ask readers to propose designs (maybe even propose patches that implement those designs!) for Blenderstorm. If you are familiar with Drupal, then get the Blenderstorm code from It contains all necessary code to install a blenderstorm instance locally, so you can work on the theme.

After you’ve installed Drupal and enabled first the Blenderstorm-QA module, then the Blenderstorm module, you still have to run the queries that are in modules/blenderstorm/initial_data.sql – these are permission setups for Blenderstorm. After that you need to create roles that have those permissions. Also make sure you have clean urls enabled – currently Blenderstorm won’t function properly if you don’t have it enabled. Further I think installing it should be pretty straight forward.

I hope to have Blenderstorm online soon, so it would be nice to have a new theme by the end of next week (then will be Assembly 2010!), although I won’t mind opening up the site before a final theme is done.

I look forward to see what you all can come up with!


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