Fixes to Blender installers

I’ve just uploaded new installers for Blender to

The fixes in these binaries are:

  • win64 version had default install path pointing to C:\Program Files (x86)
  • links from start menu weren’t properly removed
  • update to later vcredist, so there won’t be temp files hanging around after install

I’ve also enabled the blenderplayer, so you should be able to find that too!

Again, please test drive them and report back.


8 Responses to “Fixes to Blender installers”

  1. Robert Yodlowski said:

    Jul 07, 10 at 11:36

    Seems to work fine on my old, 32 bit xp machine.

  2. jesterKing said:

    Jul 07, 10 at 13:44

    Good to hear! Thanks for testing :)

  3. JP said:

    Jul 07, 10 at 16:38

    its i might be being picky but excess empty x64 version…not necessary to remove but let so you know… :)

    C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation
    C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation(99% Sure…don’t remember :( )

    No need for fix…

    btw, great work with start menu clean up… :)

  4. dd said:

    Jul 08, 10 at 00:11

    install and uninstall it’s work fine on winxp32 , thank nathan..

  5. dd said:

    Jul 08, 10 at 00:22

    oh wait..
    i have missing shortcut message
    see pic –>>

  6. JP said:

    Jul 08, 10 at 01:22

    hi dd…i think that is because help file isn’t created yet…or isn’t linked to blender docs yet(because not done…)…assuming that’s where it should be linked to…nathan should write back in some time… :) ….

    btw nathan question…when is the beta officially going to be release on on…tx, jp

  7. jesterKing said:

    Jul 08, 10 at 01:31

    Aye, I’ve fixed those in our code repository already. Thanks for reporting though :)

  8. jesterKing said:

    Jul 08, 10 at 01:32

    Dunno precisely when we will have an official beta release, I do hope in the coming few days!

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