Windows installers fixed – call for testers

I’ve been working on the installers for Blender over the past few days, and I think I’ve finally nailed it. I’ve uploaded them on, so head over there, grab your copy and test the installer.

Please post results (both positive and negative) in the comments. Thanks!



21 Responses to “Windows installers fixed – call for testers”

  1. Inlite said:

    Jul 06, 10 at 03:42

    Works fine for me – windows 7 32

  2. Stephen Bates said:

    Jul 06, 10 at 04:23

    Intel core 2 duo 2.80GHz
    4GB Ram
    32bit OS
    Windows 7 Ultimate OS
    …. installed like a dream, nice work :D

  3. DD said:

    Jul 06, 10 at 04:46

    install fast on winxp32 …
    blender run smoothly
    wow thank…

  4. m.ardito said:

    Jul 06, 10 at 05:44

    xppro, installed, run and uninstalled smoothly, and quite fast.

    Good job! Marco

  5. Nessie said:

    Jul 06, 10 at 10:34

    No problems on Windows 7 ultimate x64 (both install & uninstall) Grand Job.

  6. rbtyod said:

    Jul 06, 10 at 11:03

    Installed fine on my rather old Win XP 32 bit machine.

  7. Paul said:

    Jul 06, 10 at 11:11

    It is me, or when I create a new mesh after another, and moving it, it moves also the previous created mesh, like they’re linked…?

    OS: Windows 7 x64

  8. Paul said:

    Jul 06, 10 at 11:15

    ups, sorry, it seemed that my scene turned berserk for some reason

  9. JP said:

    Jul 06, 10 at 20:23

    ****FOR x64 Blender Installer****

    Core i7
    Windows 7 x64
    ****Uninstaller Doesn’t Remove All The Traces Like From Start Menu & Also Doesn’t Remove Root Folder****

    Installation shouldn’t install in Program Files(x86)…It should install in Program Files…By Default…

    Otherwise Great Job…

  10. JP said:

    Jul 06, 10 at 20:40

    One more thing…
    during installation…i see installer creates temp folder in “C:\ Drive”…problem is when the installer is done…files are copied out of temp folder into main “C:\ Drive”….

    following are the SOME file names..
    eula.1028(Many other eula.####…Txt files..)…
    install.res.1028.dll(Many other install.res.####.dll)
    (24 Total)
    also uninstall didn’t remove these files..

    Link to eula.####.txt(all of them have same txt..)

    im guessing ur using vb 9.0 beta…
    btw it could be my particular computer too…because i do use vb but not vb 9 beta…like it talks about in text file..

    please reply & let me know if its real issue or its my computer…


  11. Lau said:

    Jul 06, 10 at 22:10

    Installed fine. No problems on Windows 7 ultimate x64. Perfect!

  12. jesterKing said:

    Jul 06, 10 at 22:44

    Those files are from the vcredist installation (which is MS own installer), and unfortunately I can’t do much about those (according my searches on the internet a known bug with this particular version, on which we depend) :( Maybe I could try to add some cleanup code for this in the installer, though, but will have to see about that.

    You can savely remove those files, btw.

  13. jesterKing said:

    Jul 06, 10 at 22:47

    Thanks to all who tested! A few minor glitches have been found, but nothing that holds back from actually using this for the Beta release.

    I’ve already fixed the problem of Blender (64bit) being installed by default to Program Files (x86) instead of Program Files.

    Other fixes I’ll apply soon.


  14. thibsert said:

    Jul 07, 10 at 06:21

    Vista Home 32bits, works fine !

  15. JP said:

    Jul 07, 10 at 11:31

    so this is the beta release?…because i didn’t see bevel or clay sculpt… :(

  16. JP said:

    Jul 07, 10 at 11:32

    or u meant just the setup it self..& at the last movement u will change files…?

  17. jesterKing said:

    Jul 07, 10 at 13:32

    I have fixed this issue:

  18. jesterKing said:

    Jul 07, 10 at 13:43

    Bevel is a modifier, and clay is a brush in sculpt. This isn’t the beta release yet, but rather tests for the installer, to see if there are still issues left. Other than that, this is almost latest SVN revision. I already did update my builds and posted about it here

  19. JP said:

    Jul 07, 10 at 16:30

    i do know that there is Bevel modifier & clay brush..but its different from what i was asking…

    bevel i was asking is bevel that can be applied to specific edge(s)…
    and clay sculpting is where you can sculpt freely & details get added to object by it self during the sculpting process as needed…

    tx i will check out new setups…

  20. JP said:

    Jul 07, 10 at 16:53

    this is what i was talking about but i guess its not gone be in 2.5 beta

  21. Tommy said:

    Jul 09, 10 at 05:40

    Hi Paul
    This is because you havent gone back into object mode from edit mode to add the new mesh. adding a mesh to a scene whilst another is in edit mode will result in the two becoming joined.
    Hope this helps.

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