Sound ruler for Naali viewer

One task for me was to enable allow the user to attach sounds to objects in simulations using the Naali viewer Object Edit module. For the user this simply means a way to copy the asset reference to a field, set volume and radius and accept this. After that the object will start emitting sound (or the entire simulation will have that sound if radius is set to 0.0).

As a little extra I decided to create a small widget that I call the sound ruler. This little widget will show you the radius and volume of the attached sound for an object in as simple way. The radius obviously as a circle, and the volume with a few vertical lines distributed evenly along the radius circle.

Watch the video to get an idea:

Hope you liked it.


ps. I played myself the short part of a piece from Bach (Bourree).

6 thoughts on “Sound ruler for Naali viewer

  1. Cool stuff Nathan. Its amazing how sound brings atmosphere to anything. The Bach there is reminiscent of some Ultima game. Maybe somebody will start making an adventure/RPG game over RealXtend some day?

  2. Awesome, Nathan! The falloff effect of the sound is very interesting! I second Julius’ thoughts on an RPG game. :)

  3. An RPG would be pretty cool to make. Right now we’re working on some ways to create games inside the virtual world, so I can see also elaborate games like RPG will be possible at some point.

    Well, you *could* already do RPG, but it’d be more like LARP in virtual world ;)

  4. I think you could actually write a fairly fully fledged RPG already. You can write modules that do custom UI and talk with your own e.g. web services etc. that implement e.g. quests, and server side modules that control the scene based on e.g. the quest states for your char etc.

    The new challenge we are looking at now in realXtend development is making the architecture so that people can drag&drop applications to different scenes etc., so that apps like games wouldn’t even depend on the servers they run on .. or so, is to be specified more clearly next week :)

    But doing this normally, running dedicated servers for an MMORPG etc., I think should already work.


  5. That’s simply excellent – if it could be used with streaming sound too it would make it easy to attach a gettoblaster to the avatars shoulders :-)

  6. Pedro, I’ve been thinking if it would possible to have animated rulers, but I decided to stick to the simple static object for now.

    The current sound ruler is pretty tightly coupled to EC_AttachedSound, I’m not sure with what streaming sound is attached, but it shouldn’t be hard to make a visualization. For streaming sound I’d use maybe a few concentric circles in a cone layout.

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