Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 38

Just like previous week, I’ve been concentrating on bug fixing. Although we’re doing a lot of work in this area, user keep finding new issues and reporting them! (Which is a good thing of course). I’ve handled over 30 reports to some closed state (duplicate, todo, fixed, rejected), and more I had under my magnifier glass to get backtraces, or more info. Not much exciting info I guess (cool new features), but the numbers show clear progress. Day by day we get closer to the moment that we can say that Blender is stable. Not tomorrow, but who knows, maybe this year :)

9 thoughts on “Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 38

  1. Here’s a new stats for you to look at – how many days are more bugs closed than opened?
    We seem to be having more days were bugs closed > bugs opened.

  2. As of lately we indeed have many days where we close more bugs than we receive new ones. It’s a interesting data, so let’s hack it in :)

  3. So, some data:

    During last 7 days we had 6 days where we closed more than there were new reports opened

    125 days when we closed more than there were opened (389 days with open activity, 350 days with close activity)

  4. I’m not really sure that I understand the graphs.

    Daily Activity – The scale is very high. Is accumulated for each day of the week since the bugtracker opened? so it actually show which day of the week most bugs are closed?

    Hourly Activity – An this show with hour of the day most bugs are closed since the bugtracker opened, right? GMT?

    Accumulative Opened/Closed – How can the closed reports be more than new reports? Wouldn’t this mean that the number of open bugs is negative?

    Maybe it would be interesting to have a graph showing the number of open bugs in the tracker over time…

  5. Daily activity: indeed accumulated since the beginning of the 2.5 tracker.

    Hourly activity: correct. I think CET, since the server is hosted in .nl

    Accumulative Opened/Closed: this graph is since 2.54 release, amount of submitted reports and amount of closed reports since then.

    More graphs will be done, as soon as I get the graph creation code into some sensible state so that I easily can generate as many graphs as I want without having to tinker with axis, legends and such.

  6. I have a “bug” question: I think I’ve found one regarding a video codec (h.264) that whenever I render an animation, the final .avi lacks the last ~10 frames (Win7 and Ubuntu)… should I report this or is probably a codec issue? Thanks for your time and sorry to bother!

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