Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 44

As per recent tradition, this update is late too. There are not many interesting things to tell though. Most of the time went into handling Blender 2.55 release. Much of it behind the scenes with trying to solve issues with the 64bit Blender build for Linux, which is currently still not published. I’ll put it online the moment I get word it’s ready and tested.

Further I have been drafting locally a setup for the developer documentation, on which I’ll be working in the coming time more. Expect some publications on the wiki (in the form of updated pages and new pages). A svn+git tutorial will be part of this, as I think it is a powerful way for non-committers to work on our source code and still be able to commit locally without much hassle.

Week 44 has been a bit depressing, with open bug reports over 200. It shows that we really need our active, dedicated bug fixing effort to handle all the reports. On the positive note, it means our users are actively trying to help improving Blender by submitting bug reports, which is a good thing too! Hopefully my short talk on bug reporting during the conference helped a bit.

As you can see, two days where we got more than we managed. We should be seeing better looking stats from Week 45 onwards again, though. As of this exact moment we have 223 reports open still. So lots of work to do.

Some stats generated today (so partly already Week 45 work, but still gives an indication of where we are):

9 thoughts on “Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 44

  1. Willing to bet the bconf talk on how to submit bug reports has boosted the numbers as well. Tell us how to complain and we have an annoying habit of doing so :).

    I am also guessing that a lot of people there and the streaming videos of Blender 2.55, finally got the people resisting using Blender 2.55 to actually use it. So if there are larger numbers using Blender 2.55, there’s a large probability they will spot more bugs?

    Upside is the rate at which they are getting fixed is just as good, I think so far the longest I have had to wait between reporting a bug (that was confirmed to actually be a bug and not something I am misunderstanding) has been about 3 days. Most of the other times its been less than that i.e. fixed within hours!

    Always wished there was a way for dev’s to grade the difficultly level of open bugs so that we could see how many hard things are open versus how many trivial things are open, to see how Blender is fairing.

    • @TerryWallwork I’m glad if the talk did help users in reporting bugs, I just hope that we not only get more bug reports, but that the overall quality of reports improve. Time will show :)

      Hmm, I don’t think that the difficulty level of bugs themselves directly relates to the wellness of Blender. Although, a lot of simple bugs may mean sloppy coding, and a lot of hard bugs may mean wrong designs… :)

  2. Hi,
    there is a big perfomance loss with 2.5 against 2.49 when manipulating a scene with high number of objects. In a scene with 10000 cubes, you have to wait a few second to select an object, doing the same is maybe 10x faster with 2.49.
    I have no clue where to tell this to dev team. It’s not really a bug, not really a feature request… Can you tell me where could I report this?

    As a professional 3dsmax user, blender has really blown me. Keep the good job, and I’m sure we will be many more professionnal coming to blender in the very next future

    • @dddjef Hmm, maybe you need to switch to a different drawing method for your window? In user preferences > system there is a dropdown for Window Draw Method, try playing with those.

      On my system 2.49b and current 2.55 (r32958) select about the same speed in a .blend with 10000 cubes.

  3. I to am an x-3dsmax user and would still be if it wasn’t for the terrible bloated max workflow and interface, it amazes me with a 2010 studio max to load takes 90 seconds(because of all the crap thats been bolted on over the years and no true efficient integration(autodesk all about the money)) to a blender 1.5 second load time and blender has so much to offer at all production levels whether it be compositing, editing, particles, fast hair, etc. my only gripe is the poly editing. I get very excited every time a new bug has been eliminated as this just moves blender to being a stronger more stable system for production and has one of the best test groups available – the blender community.

  4. @JesterKing
    I’ve tried with no chance (I’ve tried switching VBO too).
    This is the very same thing at our studio with a few different configurations :
    Q6600 + geforce 7600 + win XP 64
    Q6600 + geforce 7600 + win seven 64
    Q6600 + quadro + win 32
    Maybe it’s the linux config that make the difference? Can anyone test this?

  5. @dddjef
    you’re right, 2.5 has major performance issue when handling large numbers of objects on the screen.

    I’ve compiled a bug report in the tracker which has been moved to the todo list then deleted now by Campbell who answered me.
    He said they are aware of this problem and will fix it later.

  6. @luca
    thanks a lot, I was wondering where to report this.
    By the way 2.49 is far way better than 3dsmax too when handling large numbers of objects, it will be great if 2.5 could do the same. I work for TV series, and we have often to manage many objects in a single scene.

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