Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 48

I already wrote about my work for the last week in my previous blog, but I wanted to do this one still so I could also include some stats, that have been lacking for a few weeks. Note that this is a longer-than-usual stats message, so be sure to check out the SVN stats section and the fixed bugs -list.

As you can see, hour daily stats are starting to look very nice. Only three days during which more reports were opened than closed. The hourly stats also look a bit better than before, most hours creeping closer to the same amount of reporting as closing.

For the accumulated amounts per day we see that right after Blender 2.55 beta release we received more bugs than we fixed. After a good two weeks we finally managed to turn the tide, and it is evident that also Ton Roosendaal is participating in our bug fixing efforts. Finally!

BUG STATS FOR BLENDER 2.5 TRACKER 2010-12-04 18:28:06.632000

There have been 1316 submitters since tracker 2.5 start
Together they have reported 4641 reports, of which 4550 (98.04) are closed and 91 (1.96) still open
On average each user has submitted 3.53 reports
Shortest time a report was open: 0:02:00
Longest time a report was open: 420 days, 15:39:00
Developer Campbell Barton has most assigned reports: 848
Developer Brecht Van Lommel  has most open assigned reports: 13
5 of 91 open bugs still unassigned
User Daniel Salazar submitted most reports: 123
During last 24 hours 13 reports were closed
During last seven days 113 reports were closed, avg 16.14 per day
During last 30 days 533 reports were closed, avg 17.77 per day
During last 24 hours 7 new issues were reported
During last seven days 73 new issues were reported, avg 10.43 per day
During last 30 days 417 new issues were reported, avg 13.90 per day
===== Bugs per category
    Animation system: 282 bugs
    Opengl / Gfx: 121 bugs
    OSX related: 49 bugs
    International: 6 bugs
    Linux related: 47 bugs
    Sculpting: 91 bugs
    Image & Movie I/O: 56 bugs
    FreeBSD related: 2 bugs
    FFMPEG: 5 bugs
    Python: 193 bugs
    Scripts: 23 bugs
    Interface: 982 bugs
    Windows related: 107 bugs
    Game engine: 43 bugs
    None: 1219 bugs
    Modifiers: 84 bugs
    Import/Export: 119 bugs
    Compositor: 85 bugs
    Audio: 22 bugs
    Physics: 139 bugs
    Mesh Modeling: 229 bugs
    Rendering: 328 bugs
    Node Editor: 53 bugs
    Sequencer: 122 bugs
    Tools: 234 bugs
===== Bugs per assignee
    Lukas Steiblys: 17 bugs
    Janne Karhu: 264 bugs
    Emmanuel Stone: 1 bugs
    Dalai Felinto: 18 bugs
    Michael Fox: 1 bugs
    Thomas Dinges: 17 bugs
    Joshua Leung: 163 bugs
    Arystanbek Dyussenov: 27 bugs
    Matt Ebb : 168 bugs
    Sergey Sharybin: 71 bugs
    Ton Roosendaal: 83 bugs
    Mitchell Stokes: 4 bugs
    Tom Musgrove: 2 bugs
    Nobody: 2182 bugs
    Andre Susano Pinto: 11 bugs
    Damien Plisson: 33 bugs
    Luca Bonavita: 1 bugs
    Nathan Vegdahl: 3 bugs
    Xavier Thomas: 2 bugs
    Campbell Barton: 848 bugs
    Joerg Mueller: 33 bugs
    Daniel Genrich: 18 bugs
    Ben Batt: 1 bugs
    Mike Erwin: 1 bugs
    Nathan Letwory: 299 bugs
    Nicholas Bishop: 44 bugs
    Konrad Kleine: 1 bugs
    Diego Borghetti: 13 bugs
    Benoit Bolsee: 4 bugs
    Brecht Van Lommel : 143 bugs
    Joseph Eagar: 3 bugs
    Jason Wilkins: 6 bugs
    Martin Poirier: 66 bugs
    Ken Hughes: 9 bugs
    Peter Schlaile: 37 bugs
    Andrea Weikert: 37 bugs
    Robert Holcomb: 1 bugs
    Roland Hess : 3 bugs
    Kent Mein: 1 bugs
    Daniel Salazar: 4 bugs
    William Reynish: 1 bugs
===== Open bugs per assignee
    Damien Plisson: 2 open bugs
    Sergey Sharybin: 4 open bugs
    Ton Roosendaal: 1 open bugs
    Janne Karhu: 7 open bugs
    Lukas Steiblys: 1 open bugs
    Nicholas Bishop: 5 open bugs
    Mike Erwin: 1 open bugs
    Nobody: 5 open bugs
    Andrea Weikert: 2 open bugs
    Peter Schlaile: 7 open bugs
    Nathan Letwory: 11 open bugs
    Jason Wilkins: 2 open bugs
    Matt Ebb : 2 open bugs
    Martin Poirier: 4 open bugs
    Roland Hess : 2 open bugs
    Campbell Barton: 11 open bugs
    Daniel Genrich: 1 open bugs
    Mitchell Stokes: 1 open bugs
    Dalai Felinto: 1 open bugs
    Joshua Leung: 8 open bugs
    Brecht Van Lommel : 13 open bugs
===== Closers
    dingto closed 71 bugs
    damien78 closed 25 bugs
    khughes closed 4 bugs
    kwk closed 2 bugs
    jesterking closed 284 bugs
    zanqdo closed 37 bugs
    nazgul closed 78 bugs
    cessen closed 5 bugs
    vekoon closed 13 bugs
    letterrip closed 14 bugs
    ben2610 closed 2 bugs
    xat closed 3 bugs
    theeth closed 87 bugs
    genscher closed 5 bugs
    ton closed 195 bugs
    bdiego closed 79 bugs
    harkyman closed 2 bugs
    aligorith closed 316 bugs
    broken closed 625 bugs
    nicholasbishop closed 27 bugs
    sirdude closed 1 bugs
    blendix closed 1395 bugs
    dougal2 closed 1 bugs
    imbusy closed 1 bugs
    jaguarandi closed 6 bugs
    schlaile closed 23 bugs
    elubie closed 17 bugs
    scourage closed 1 bugs
    leifandersen closed 1 bugs
    jhk closed 246 bugs
    mindrones closed 4 bugs
    dfelinto closed 24 bugs
    jwilkins closed 1 bugs
    campbellbarton closed 899 bugs
    billrey closed 3 bugs
    kazanbas closed 13 bugs
    calli closed 7 bugs
    gsrb3d closed 2 bugs
    nexyon closed 31 bugs
===== Bugs closed - date
        2010.11.21: blendix closed 1 issues
        2010.11.21: nicholasbishop closed 1 issues
        2010.11.21: theeth closed 2 issues
        2010.11.21: ton closed 11 issues
    ----- total 15 bugs closed. New bugs for this day: 12
        2010.11.22: ton closed 7 issues
        2010.11.22: nexyon closed 1 issues
        2010.11.22: campbellbarton closed 10 issues
        2010.11.22: zanqdo closed 1 issues
        2010.11.22: dingto closed 4 issues
    ----- total 23 bugs closed. New bugs for this day: 20
        2010.11.23: aligorith closed 1 issues
        2010.11.23: campbellbarton closed 4 issues
        2010.11.23: jhk closed 2 issues
        2010.11.23: zanqdo closed 1 issues
        2010.11.23: nazgul closed 1 issues
        2010.11.23: ton closed 3 issues
        2010.11.23: blendix closed 5 issues
    ----- total 17 bugs closed. New bugs for this day: 10
        2010.11.24: damien78 closed 1 issues
        2010.11.24: jhk closed 1 issues
        2010.11.24: jesterking closed 4 issues
        2010.11.24: campbellbarton closed 7 issues
        2010.11.24: ton closed 6 issues
        2010.11.24: blendix closed 4 issues
    ----- total 23 bugs closed. New bugs for this day: 17
        2010.11.25: aligorith closed 1 issues
        2010.11.25: ton closed 7 issues
        2010.11.25: jhk closed 1 issues
        2010.11.25: campbellbarton closed 3 issues
        2010.11.25: zanqdo closed 1 issues
    ----- total 13 bugs closed. New bugs for this day: 27
        2010.11.26: jhk closed 5 issues
        2010.11.26: zanqdo closed 1 issues
        2010.11.26: nazgul closed 1 issues
        2010.11.26: campbellbarton closed 2 issues
        2010.11.26: ton closed 3 issues
        2010.11.26: blendix closed 6 issues
        2010.11.26: dfelinto closed 1 issues
    ----- total 19 bugs closed. New bugs for this day: 10
        2010.11.27: theeth closed 1 issues
        2010.11.27: campbellbarton closed 1 issues
        2010.11.27: ton closed 2 issues
    ----- total 4 bugs closed. New bugs for this day: 8
        2010.11.28: campbellbarton closed 3 issues
        2010.11.28: nazgul closed 1 issues
        2010.11.28: ton closed 11 issues
        2010.11.28: blendix closed 1 issues
    ----- total 16 bugs closed. New bugs for this day: 6
        2010.11.29: blendix closed 1 issues
        2010.11.29: campbellbarton closed 3 issues
        2010.11.29: ton closed 7 issues
        2010.11.29: broken closed 5 issues
    ----- total 16 bugs closed. New bugs for this day: 15
        2010.11.30: aligorith closed 1 issues
        2010.11.30: jhk closed 1 issues
        2010.11.30: theeth closed 2 issues
        2010.11.30: campbellbarton closed 3 issues
        2010.11.30: ton closed 5 issues
        2010.11.30: blendix closed 2 issues
    ----- total 14 bugs closed. New bugs for this day: 9
        2010.12.01: ton closed 7 issues
        2010.12.01: campbellbarton closed 8 issues
        2010.12.01: aligorith closed 3 issues
        2010.12.01: jhk closed 1 issues
        2010.12.01: blendix closed 6 issues
    ----- total 25 bugs closed. New bugs for this day: 11
        2010.12.02: aligorith closed 1 issues
        2010.12.02: campbellbarton closed 4 issues
        2010.12.02: jhk closed 5 issues
        2010.12.02: ton closed 4 issues
    ----- total 14 bugs closed. New bugs for this day: 8
        2010.12.03: campbellbarton closed 3 issues
        2010.12.03: aligorith closed 1 issues
        2010.12.03: jhk closed 3 issues
        2010.12.03: ton closed 7 issues
        2010.12.03: nazgul closed 1 issues
    ----- total 15 bugs closed. New bugs for this day: 14
        2010.12.04: blendix closed 3 issues
        2010.12.04: campbellbarton closed 1 issues
        2010.12.04: ton closed 5 issues
    ----- total 9 bugs closed. New bugs for this day: 3
During last 14 days we had 12 days where we closed more than there were new reports opened
168 days when we closed more than there were opened (458 days with open activity, 419 days with close activity)
524 opened and 631 closed since 2.55 beta
275 fixed since 2.55 beta, 2388 since tracker birth

Now for some SVN stats, I let the numbers speak for themselves.

Commits since 2.55 beta (r32738): 655 encompassing 172 additions, 2606 modifications, 26 deletes
Number of committers since 2.55 beta: 24

Authors and number of commits:
'dingto': 19,
'damien78': 5,
'jesterking': 21,
'zanqdo': 3,
'nazgul': 28,
'vekoon': 2,
'mfoxdogg': 1,
'ton': 75,
'blendix': 18,
'dfelinto': 4,
'aligorith': 18,
 'theeth': 13,
'broken': 5,
'nicholasbishop': 1,
'dougal2': 5,
'imbusy': 2,
'schlaile': 4,
'elubie': 13,
'jhk': 58,
'mindrones': 4,
'moguri': 7,
'campbellbarton': 330,
'gsrb3d': 15,
'nexyon': 4

And finally as an extra, here is the list of bugs that got marked fixed since Blender 2.55 beta:

#[19534] Crash adding/scaling plane in existing double array (temp fixed!)
#[19706] Smoke 'sticks' to Collision objects initial position
#[20241]  half-transparent objects in volume have no shadow.
#[20565] GLSL + Preview render cause crash
#[20620] VertColors and Flat/Soft imported from 2.49 are wrong (MultiRes)
#[20768] Project Snap Broken
#[20812] User preference window is not closing after browsing font's directory
#[21385] Multilayer OpenEXR files import into other compositors upside down
#[21893] Attempting to delete multiple edge loops changes selection.
#[21900] Multi-level library linking issue, SVN 27833 / 2.5A2
#[21958] Dupli group doesn't show up if linked on a layer that is different from the group layer
#[22052] OpenGL viewport render is distorted in 2.50a2
#[22415] VSE keyframes stoped keying
#[22456] Pivot Constraint
#[22478] altkey events sometimes 'get stuck'
#[22537] motion blur render result incorrect when full sample anti-aliasing is selected
#[22557] bpy.ops.wm.read_homefile() causes segfault (r29372)
#[22615] Opening a blend file in python (bpy.ops.wm.open_mainfile() (r29489)
#[22626] Crash when rendering an openGL animation
#[22635] Squence Editor, OpenGl preview render didn't correct 
#[22638] Alpha channel not saved when using texture paint
#[22645] Texture paint: soften tool does draw brushes
#[22854] Objects lag behind mouse pointer when transformed (translated)
#[23095] If no camera is present, a render starts but does nothing, and we have no "No camera" warning
#[23118] Blender freezes when combing hair - OS X path changes related?
#[23152] Area light with noshadow is affected by rayshadow sampling setup (Kino Bug Reporting Sprint)
#[23155] Metastrip contents area allowed to move vertically, occasionally swapping order or overlapping
#[23318] SEQUENCER EFFECT: Glow blur amount should be relative
#[23406] DPX Images load darker then saved, UI broken.
#[23423] Multi-window : closing game windows cause blender crash
#[23482] Unneccessary and damaging user view called Temp
#[23532] bpy.ops.nla.actionclip_add results in the error 'no active track to add strip to' even though it should create the track itself
#[23576] Logic Bricks: non-active objects retrieves the wrong Actuator type
#[23609] Lamp PointerProperty
#[23677] Problem with raytrace - transparency - filter 
#[23696] Receive Transparent produces shadows in diffuse pass
#[23710] 'repeat last' button doesnt' work with extrude along axes other than Z
#[23871] OSX panel button bug (Python Namespace issue)
#[23982] Display update with animated nested custom ID properties
#[24009] Crash when switching area types and performing ops
#[24170] Camera inside volume error
#[24197] Collada Import Bug From Sketchup
#[24266] OSX - Certain video codecs produce colour tinted output.
#[24287] Saving the render result through the API does not use the scene settings
#[24310] With high poly numbers when sculpting, modifier keys get "sticked" after 3D view navigation.
#[24335] Z-Combine node ignores alpha values (including patch)
#[24341] Problems running blender headless
#[24367] Incorrect behaviour for Optimal Display option 
#[24374] VSE: Reassign Inputs ignores selection order.
#[24388] multires base mesh
#[24392] 2d Image paint editor: no clone/smear/soften tools etc
#[24398] Select Nth
#[24399] Add mesh grid upside down
#[24401] Fluid particles leak through walls of moving object
#[24403] Object.copy() duplicates armature action
#[24405] Import 3ds is not working when sys console toggle off
#[24407] Image browsing crashes blender
#[24409] Particle corruption after rendering with multires
#[24410] Srrollwheel errors in 3D view
#[24418] NLA Crashes blender on Undo
#[24419] Console Autocomplete Error [Patch to fix attached]
#[24422] Crash when switching to Point Select Mode - particle hair
#[24430] Hair Dynamics Problem
#[24431] Fast Gaussian produces wrong results for higher resolutions
#[24432] HS+V color picker
#[24435] GLSL 3D view lacks refresh on node setups
#[24436] GLSL + Node material gives wrong color
#[24439] Smear 2D paint fails
#[24440] Exporting FBX issue: unexpected keyword argument 'TX_SCALE'
#[24442] GLSL + VBOs
#[24445] NLA reverse option flickers
#[24448] User Preferences - Interface - Mini Axis - Brightness, none working?
#[24449] User Preferences - Interface - Manipulator
#[24450] Blender 2.54 crash when attempting to save render image
#[24451] Motion path not automatic recalculating + locking obj moving
#[24452] Can you build with MinGW+gcc in the current state?
#[24453] Audaspace leaks memory in sequencer
#[24454] blender-2.55 doesn't display it's menu bar
#[24455] Scene is left at last rendered frame from rendering an animation
#[24458] Problem with Axis Angle rotation
#[24462] UV Layouts saved as PNG results in two files (rename bug)
#[24464] Missing Icons
#[24465] OBJ import error Rev: 32789
#[24466] Selecting of object with pattern leads to strange behavior
#[24470] Ctrl+Tweak cutting connections fail
#[24476] The driver is not displayed in GraphEditor. 
#[24477] Can easily create bones with duplicate names
#[24480] Axis Angle + manipulators: bad behaviour
#[24483] Link/Append File Browser Typo
#[24485] Applying scale to multires object end up in a blender crash
#[24489] decimate modifyer:  undecimated is "ratio 1.00%"
#[24491] not possible to create a new Rendering preset than "add render"
#[24492] Error Image Too Small! and doesnot work when render twice
#[24499] Consistency Issue with LassoSelect/ExtendOption
#[24501] Apeend object with cloth sim from another file crash.
#[24505] Python command bpy.ops.transform.rotate(...) does not follow axis=(...) attribute
#[24508] Render and changing scenes crashes.
#[24509] UV/Image Editor: selected elements move not as specified
#[24510] VSE SceneStrip problem when rendering animation
#[24513] VSE curves displaced from effect when source is moved numerically
#[24518] Blender wont compile with -Wall -Werror and COLLADA support
#[24523] Deep shadows are rendered although objetct's shadow casting is disabled
#[24524] Doing loop cuts from space bar search in the properties panel crashes 2.55
#[24529] Views Resizing Problems
#[24531] UV editor: setting rotating/scaling pivot with [ , ] [ . ] not working
#[24535] Layered NLA Strips crash Blender
#[24540] Adding the path to an image Editor in the file preferences window messes up the path
#[24548] Toggle Console Crashes Blender 64bit Windows 7
#[24552] exception when starting Blender on Windows XP SP3 (including solution)
#[24554] Blender does not remember name of last saved picture
#[24556] N Panel in Compositor doesn't work with Vector Normal node
#[24558] 2.55.0 Color Picker Square HS+V Behavior
#[24560] Cloth pinning breaks (when parenting?)
#[24565] editors/armature: overwritten return value
#[24568] The processing counter is not displayed in Bake. 
#[24569] F11 no longer functional after image save
#[24570] Custom startup.blend causes Startup Crash
#[24573] Zoom view with RMB pressed, won't stick
#[24574] setting location gained from a matrix_world.copy().translation_part() (visual loc) after constraints causes NAN in object location after python script ends
#[24575] On file save plus and minus don't re-evaluate whether a file exists
#[24578] crash on browse directory w/ broken image file
#[24580] Particles render as frozen if start time is not 1.
#[24583] Mesh.from_pydata does not properly construct faces
#[24585] View Select breaks With Quad View.
#[24586] Report mode of console does not show proper cariage returns.
#[24589] Can't join two (or more) objects when one of them have multires and the other don't
#[24592] OpenCOLLADA imports only one special node per type per node
#[24593] Cloud Depth setting above 30 cause texture corruption
#[24594] Edge weighting while making subsurf
#[24596] Specular does not behave correctly in a material node setup
#[24597] Option External in Smoke cache affects settings of start and end frame of simulation
#[24601] Net rendering master node fails to send/retrieve files to/from slaves
#[24602] Netrender master node IP information is reset to [Default] no matter what
#[24603] Loop Cut & Slide + Clipping Border broken.
#[24606] Generators & FCurve keyframing are confusing for users.
#[24611] Netrender slave node invoked from CLI fills hard drive with blank pictures if master is down
#[24615] Indirect Lighting Option is occasionally not available.
#[24616] Apply Visual Transform doesn't always apply location
#[24617] Windows lib dir missing from bundled Python.
#[24619] Small BMP 65x65 crashes Blender 2.55/ Windows
#[24621] NLA strips move insensitively across tracks
#[24623] VSE strip animation data out of sync after moving using shift-s
#[24625] Duplifaces not generated using spacebar to activate 
#[24627] [minor] Object type is TEXT, but icon names are FONT
#[24628] two specific tooltips of keyboard sensor reversed
#[24631] array modifier, relative offset, units
#[24632] Sculpt Mode Context Set hotkeys (1..0, Shift+1..0) don't work
#[24634] Passing custom context to join operator doesn't work
#[24635] "Add Shortcut"
#[24638] Crash when parenting ni local view through the outliner
#[24639] Snap to Face (retopo) doesn't work when clipping is enabled in mirror modifier.
#[24643] Nurbs Surface Preview resolution overrides render resolution
#[24652] Project vertices button showing in object mode and leads to wrong behavior.
#[24654] Sound Actuator doesn't find the file when Blender is reopened.
#[24659] Wardiso slope slider is too sensitive (awkward to use)
#[24660] (vector * matrix) fails, (matrix * vector) succeeds
#[24663] Improved FBX export option
#[24665] mathutils.Matrix initialization is counter-intuitive and generates bugs
#[24668] Deleting armature objects removes a user from its action, eventually leading to data loss
#[24671] Operators called from Python Leak Memory
#[24672] Bone.evaluate_envelope() is misleading
#[24682] Render artifacts with mat node
#[24685] Changing mode bypasses undo suppression
#[24690] Scene.frame_set() breaks pose restore
#[24695] column_vector_multiplication call writes past end of array
#[24696] Export OBJ - Selection Only toggle button has the wrong default state.
#[24697] Trying to run bpy.ops.transform.create_orientation crashes Blender
#[24699] Crash when deleting shape keys with Graph Editor/Dope Sheet interaction
#[24702] 3Dmanipulator does not display if view's layers are not synchronize to scene's layers. 
#[24704] UV editor: [x] modified does not update on change of modifiers
#[24706] 2.55 beta Hair now only rendering small fuzzy blob
#[24708] World Notifier Problems
#[24712] 3ds_import fix
#[24719] Layer ipocurves from Blender 2.49 wrongly ported to Blender 2.5x
#[24724] Emission settings of Particles with no physics are stuck to Previous newtonian settings.
#[24726] Second file load crashes
#[24737] PyCObject depreciated in py3k [patch]
#[24738] Help > Toggle System Console Crashes Blender (the second time)
#[24743] Strand Shading: Distance slider gives different results even when greyed out
#[24746] Align Camera to View locks 3D Editor in Camera Perspective View
#[24747] Blender crash entering in Sculpt Mode
#[24750] Particles draw percentage setting is not working in No Physics mode
#[24760] Bezier handles update [patch]
#[24761] minor bug - Modifiers don't "catches" Vertex Group renaming automatically
#[24762] Bezier Point Radius Cannot be Set When Curve is Created
#[24766] Crasher on inserting keyframe on Bezier points [33126]
#[24767] Knife tool last operations panel doesn't cause changes even though F6 pop-up does.
#[24773] Material Nodes - there isn't able to set keys on Mapping coordinates
#[24775] SubSurf IcoSphere as Boolean Modifier on Cube Causes Render Crash
#[24777] Scale both markers and keyframes at the same time?  
#[24780] Metaballs are not drawn correctly in new scenes 
#[24781] Can't use rest position / pose position on linked-group proxy armatures
#[24782] Proxy armature Layer state not saved with file (with linked characters)
#[24786] Setting Rotation Units to Radians doesn't affect the UI [33146]
#[24792] 3D view rendering issue after saving the file
#[24795] Pedantry, spelling error correction, particle_system.c
#[24796] Drivers are ineffective on Text & Curve obj. geometry parameters
#[24798] Texture panels are shown in wrong order
#[24801] Opening with Blender 2.5x a 2.49 file containing a Node Editor window raises an error
#[24802] Invert vertex group not inverting armature modifier influence
#[24803] Export UV Layout in PNG (default) corrupts Blendfile
#[24804] filetring of files doesnt work for import/export
#[24805] bpy operator runs in wrong order or is ignored at all
#[24807] nan pixel on Word BG with Angular Map coord texture
#[24810] Mist Settings Are Not Visually Updated When Camera Displays Mist
#[24812] Cannot change top/left/front views in quad view after camera change
#[24823] Add single to keying set for colour always adds red
#[24824] keying with colour picker open doesn't update
#[24825] Frame rate parts not drawn together well
#[24827] Crash when auto-keyframing while playing animation
#[24834] curves: extrude + bevel + uv as generated
#[24837] Small Typo PIX instead of PIZ compression
#[24838] Light inside Volume material drops on it's walls - it may be double
#[24843] ctrl+z crashes blender 
#[24844] Crash related to the subdivision (aka subsurf) modifier
#[24847] Reports on the Info Header cause flicker
#[24848] Using an operator outside of edit mode crashes blender
#[24849] changing objects to another layer causes segmentation fault
#[24855] Ambient occlusion and Environmental lighting
#[24856] Drawing of the layer display is abnormal. 
#[24860] Align to View fails in numerous ways
#[24862] Fluid Simulator issues
#[24866] object/transform/align objects error
#[24869] Freeing an image, problems with GPU_texture_vram function usage.
#[24870] ObjectActuator.offset_rotation in radians
#[24871] Unwrapping with Smart Project give a bad result.
#[24877] Cloth + hair bug
#[24879] "Feather" symmetry option in sculpt mode crashes.
#[24882] fbx exporter Krash, screw objects and animations
#[24884] Loading any preset leads to crash
#[24887] Crash on snapping verts on other object
#[24890] Particle cache reading crash
#[24891] Normal issues with circles curves.
#[24893] Minor error message glitch
#[24899] Sequence Transform strips don't apply animation properly to scale.
#[24900] Texture paint mode broken
#[24903] GRLESS key unavailable (not mappable)
#[24905] renaming a UV channel name does not update texture uv channel mapping settings
#[24907] bone roll z up broken and python script showing correct method to roll bones
#[24908] (Quick Edit) ...not working
#[24910] When smoke domains are overlapping, one is hidden by the other
#[24913] Text bevel normals wrong
#[24914] 3D text glitch and crash
#[24916] Blender Crash after inappropriate  Merge-Command
#[24921] Crash after inserting keyframing UV coords and changing frame in edit mode
#[24923] Misleading tooltip for Indirect Lighting Falloff Strength
#[24933] Scale change in Texture and re-render gives weird dots
#[24934] Particle single user crash
#[24935] Proportional translation size stuck to none
#[24938] Seed value on Particle settings gives Error when trying to insert key
#[24944] Crash on attempting to keyframe HSV color
#[24947] Animations data replaced by the first animation (fbx exporter)
#[24953] Compositor texture size not updating
#[24954] "Export UV Layout" stalls when saving file in 2.55b
#[24955] Generating UV-Images within blender (Alt-N) not possible
#[24958] Cloth pinning not working
#[24963] Smoke crash
#[24964] HISTOGRAM: Inconsistency in spaces
#[24965] Strange smoke cache behavior
#[24969] Python Console bug: inserting a large text leads to strange caret behavior
#[24970] blender crashes on mac osx, when icon view for texture import is set
#[24971] Lowest visible object not always selectable in outliner
#[24974] "select all" in weight paint -> face selection mode selects all bones instead of all faces
#[24976] multilayer node hides its channels
#[24986] Invert in mask modifier is not duplicated 
#[24990] When extruding bones the outliner does not immediately update
#[24999] Array Merge First Last checked causes crash when adding a circle into a mesh
#[25001] Enable Smoke High Resolution is greyout after baking
#[25010] Memory leaks when scripting panels and file selectors
#[25015] Ctrl+L linking to scene list does not scroll when the list is larger than screen resolution
#[25017] Bezier Curve Deform Twisting after adding Shape Keys
#[25026] switch direction on a path crash
#[25028] The axes of an empty object are not displayed correctly.
#[25029] selecting a bone in pose mode crashes blender
#[25033] All faces are two sided in GLSL and missing featue from 2.4x

One Response to “Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 48”

  1. Vento said:

    Dec 06, 10 at 20:21

    AAAH! Such an incredible amount of work guys!
    All our respect and support! Go Blender!!!!

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