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I’ve been busy with getting the upgrade of our Projects website (http://projects.blender.org) working properly. As you may know, our current site is severely limited in its usefulness for user, especially when it comes to searching for and reporting of bugs. A combination of old software and a bad database forced us to close down some of the areas, put them behind login. This is not very nice for the user (neither for the developer), and one of the symptoms is a lot of duplicate reports.

For a looooong time I’ve been working on different forms of an improved website. I tried Redmine for a while, but it became apparent that it is absolutely not suitable for our needs: lots of users (14k+ registered users), lots of reports (for Blender close to 10k). This is pure suicide for a server running Redmine. Some other things were tried as well (I had even a simple, working bug tracker implemented in Lua on top of Sputnik with all projects and artifacts imported, but maintaining that would’ve been too time consuming).

So after a long time we decided to go for a FusionForge upgrade. This also floated around for a long while, so a few weeks ago I put myself to finally, properly do this. A lot of effort has gone into getting the database upgraded, the software upgraded and customised for our needs. I’m glad that the end is in sight, but before it’s online I give you a short overview of what the upgraded site will look like. Note that I still work style and layout issues, but as a functional tool it shows already what it can (ignore jesterPrincess giving her opinion at some point in the screencast)

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  1. Bassam said:

    Dec 02, 10 at 23:46

    This is a long awaited upgrade :) thanks for tackling what appears to be a monumental task.

  2. Julius Tuomisto said:

    Dec 03, 10 at 01:39

    Cool stuff Nathan!

  3. Germano Martins said:

    Dec 03, 10 at 19:44

    Good work!

  4. trell0 said:

    Dec 04, 10 at 17:40

    Wow Nathan! A very due upgrade, you’re doing a fantastic work, hope to see it (and use it of course) very sooooon!


  5. Letwory Interactive» Blog Archive » Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 48 said:

    Dec 04, 10 at 20:00

    […] already wrote about my work for the last week in my previous blog, but I wanted to do this one still so I could also include some stats, that have been lacking for a […]

  6. Martin said:

    Dec 06, 10 at 15:04

    Direct link to the youtube page for people with no flash:

    Works well with WebM.

  7. flyhigh said:

    Dec 19, 10 at 18:51

    Nice job, works much faster.

    Have you notised any kind of problem in the bug tracker (2.5) area at the “Followups”.
    I’m using WIN7+IE9beta, and for my experience, there are some characters missing at the bigining of every line of the screen.
    It seems that ‘Followups’ area is shifted to the left, behind the canvas, because if I copy/paste those lines to text editor they are ok.

  8. jesterKing said:

    Dec 19, 10 at 20:06

    @flyhigh. I haven’t tested with IE9beta, I mostly test with chromium and firefox 3.6. I might look into this at some point, but personally I won’t be using IE9beta anytime soon. If someone can provide me a patch for CSS or so and submit it to the projects.blender.org bug tracker, I’m very much prepared to look into it and apply it if it looks sane.

    I work on Windows 7 though.

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