Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 10 – The Real Week 10

While searching what week past week was I noticed that we’re only in week 10. And that while I already wrote a status update for week 10! So actually I’ve been writing two weeks with the wrong week number. Oh, well. We’re still up and running, so nothing bad must have happened ;)


Last week was pretty successful. I managed to get my original bug list down to two (before the influx of COLLADA reports this night): fixing a few COLLADA issues (instance node related issues, multiple overwrites of materials), some crashers in Blender (UV unwrap needed increased stack). and applying patches from Alexander Kuznetsov (GHOST input is now handled very differently, but thanks to the patch now understands shift+numpad on Windows). I closed a total of 7 bugs as fixed.

Next week will be about addressing more of the COLLADA issues (as many of the todo list as possible) and integrating Blender into the COLLADA conformance test suite. Further wiki for the development documentation is on the list.

Below some nice pictures and figures again for your enjoyment :)

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