Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 10

There, another week wrapped up. I put some time into building and testing Python 3.2 libraries for Blender on Windows. I had another go at building a static version of the Python 3.2 library, but again the problems it creates are more complicated than we need, so in the end I built normal libraries from the Python 3.2 source code. Half a day I lost on OpenSSL building issues, which I finally nailed.

I made for SCons and CMake on Windows (MSVC) the new Python 3.2 the default. Right now CMake users need to extract and/or manually in the lib/windows/release and lib/win64/release directories into python32/ and python32_d/ respectively. CMake currently copies from a directory, since it cannot extract .zip files, but Campbell Barton said we’ll be able to extract tarballs, so once the CMake script for that is done we’ll make the change for both SCons and CMake to extract from a tarball.

Testing the debug libraries of Python 3.2, I found and fixed a stack corruption in bpy_rna.c.

Further I’ve been working on some bugs; I fixed [#26213], [#26207] and applied a patch from Alexander Kuznetsov for [#26208], itself a duplicate of the long-standing issue [#25476] (thanks for the great patch once again!). I’ve continued working on remaining COLLADA issues.

For next week I’ll continue with the COLLADA issues and have a look at GHOST issues. Further I’ll be concentrating on the bug tracker, to get the bug count down.

I should come back on my installer post on too, so we can have some effort to get a better installer before the end of the month.

On COLLADA one more thing: I downloaded the COLLADA 1.4 Conformance Test Suite. Should be a lot of tests to help us out ensuring we implement our support as good as possible.

And finally some graphs and stats after a long period:

As you can see from the accumulative daily graph, we’re getting again in more reports than we close, so a good fixing effort is not a bad idea :)

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