Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 11

Past week I’ve been working mostly on COLLADA-related issues. I have now created a script and a supporting empty.blend that can be used with the COLLADA Conformance Test Suite. These files can be found in Most tests should now run with the test suite, with the exception of animations, for which I haven’t yet made the necessary modifications to Results for runs of the test suite I’ll be uploading to, where the *.html files point to exports of test results. There are clearly still places we have to work on. Based on some of the test results I’ve already started making modifications to at least get our .dae files more or less through the XML validation process (like preventing empty tags from being written, specifically for libraries).

I’ll be writing up a more detailed plan on what needs to be worked on and how it can be divided into smaller tasks, so that interested developers can pick up these smaller ones and provide patches for this. As we have now an experiment for code review running over at I’ll be expecting patches to be submitted there for review and commenting. At least two new developers have expressed interest into working on our COLLADA-support, so on that side things are looking good, when they are familiar with the codebase I expect patches coming from them! A few new COLLADA issues have been reported to our tracker, I expect to have them fixed next week.

Further I’ve reviewed and applied some more patches from Alexander Kuznetsov, and made a fix in GHOST suggested by the Finnish user Kanttori, to prevent crashes with keyboard input on Windows XP.

In the coming week I’ll be preparing my box for buildbot integration and start working on the release docs. Further I will work on wiki dev doc. I’ll also be working with the new guys to divide COLLADA tasks and review any patches they manage to create. Obviously I’ll continue working on our COLLADA support myself as well.

Concluding with the traditional graphs and stats.

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  1. Good work! Thanks, it also helps me with g. sketch up models and with animation support it enables me a render engine.

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