Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 42

Last week I’ve been working on GHOST issues on Windows, fixing problems with modifier keys, some of them because I did some improper checks on what is used where. Shift+numpad keys are still a problem, but I’ll continue working on finding a solution for this. COLLADA issues I moved to the todo list, because I … Read more

Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 41

Last week has been a bit of a hassle. Tuesday and wednesday I was out of development a lot, since I did some rebuilding of my ‘wardrobe’. I use an Ikea wardrobe to house my machines, but they stood there just as machines. Airflow was less than optimal, so I had to keep one door … Read more

Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 39

And another week has gone by, full of bug fixing and report tending. I closed over 30 reports of which 5 I fixed, the rest were either duplicates, todos or rejected. I fixed some unreported bugs too. I cleaned out the trunk from the project files, and I fixed our CMake for Windows project files … Read more