Verse integration for Naali

During the summer I’ve been working on a simple Verse integration tech demo for Naali (RealXtend). In short, Verse integration is for having a low-overhead and fast protocol for EC  (Entity Component) attributes. In this techdemo I’ve concentrated on setting light attributes and a way to have Naali keep book of world objects and map … Read more

Blenderstorm BETA

For some time I have been working on bringing back Blenderstorm, along side my current main project (Naali development, integrating Verse as a tech demo, which will be cool for another post next week). I’ve now put up a test site at, where I invite people to register, testdrive the site and report obvious … Read more

New Blender release

We’ve been working for to get the uploader script in good usable state with some nice improvements. See this blog over at for the info. I added the frontend part for session managent of users, so after upload you can follow your session progress through Blender using the uploader script ( in the … Read more

jesterKing Crunchers

As you may know I’m active in the project, for which I’ve been working on the uploader script. This script allows you to easily send in your work, and to follow the progress of your sessions. I think that the project is a very interesting project for Blender users (and during summer another … Read more

VerseSharp implementation continued

I’ve been working again on the C# implementation of the Verse protocol, versesharp.  This work I’ve been conducting in the branch coderestruct. I’ve managed to implement all object, geometry, bitmap and material commands, and about all system commands are there too (ping still missing). For now I leave text, curve and audio commands out of … Read more