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Overview 2012

It’s been a while since I last wrote to my blog, so here’s an overview of what has happened during 2012.
Blender 3D
During 2012 I’ve gradually stepped down of many of my Blender 3D development and maintenance tasks. I used to run the build-bots for MingW64 and MSVC, but they were moved to the Blender Institute, so I could fully use my own machine again. Other work is currently more priority, so I thought it wise to move to the background, and not hold back important development, just because I didn’t have enough time to invest next to family, day job … Continue Reading

Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 44

As per recent tradition, this update is late too. There are not many interesting things to tell though. Most of the time went into handling Blender 2.55 release. Much of it behind the scenes with trying to solve issues with the 64bit Blender build for Linux, which is currently still not published. I’ll put it online the moment I get word it’s ready and tested.

Further I have been drafting locally a setup for the developer documentation, on which I’ll be working in the coming time more. Expect some publications on the wiki (in the form of updated pages and new … Continue Reading

Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 40

Another week draws to an end. Our bug fixing efforts are still on-going. I haven’t been too active on the tracker this week though. I’ve been busy preparing the COLLADA code to build on in the coming time for the slew of bug reports that have been opened for it. Everything was in two huge files, which made it quite hard to work properly with the code. So instead of just diving straight into the bug fixing mode, I decided to refactor it into a number of files. Some nasty surprises were lying around (functors outside of structs or classes), … Continue Reading

Letwory Interactive @ Assembly 2010

And here we are: Assembly 2010 Summer. Like last year I am with the Renderfarm.fi booth. Today I gave a short presentation on where Blender 2.53 is today and where it has come from.

Yesterday and today have been quite busy days here at the stand, and for Renderfarm.fi it has been even harder with the server broken down. Still we have had nice audiences for the different presentations. It was great to see the work from High Five crew of Happy Hour shortfilm and today Snowblind, with it’s use of Blender … Continue Reading

jesterKing Crunchers

As you may know I’m active in the Renderfarm.fi project, for which I’ve been working on the uploader script. This script allows you to easily send in your work, and to follow the progress of your sessions.

I think that the Renderfarm.fi project is a very interesting project for Blender users (and during summer another renderer should be integrated – more on that in due time), since it allows users to send in their scenes that may take a long time to finish on their own machine(s). Having the growing group of rendering clients from … Continue Reading