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A Game Project: Brickoku

For years I’ve been thinking about memory-efficient ways to represent Lego-models created with 2×2 bricks. This started all the way back in 2002-2003 when we discussed with my former colleague Teemu Pakarinen ways to generate all possible Lego models for a given set of bricks.

During Spring 2012 I worked out together with my brother-in-law a bit-string representation of 14 bits per brick. I realized that this could actually be used to create a puzzle game, thus a game was born that I have christened: Brickoku.

During March 2013 I wanted to learn some new language, so I decided to … Continue Reading

Overview 2012

It’s been a while since I last wrote to my blog, so here’s an overview of what has happened during 2012.
Blender 3D
During 2012 I’ve gradually stepped down of many of my Blender 3D development and maintenance tasks. I used to run the build-bots for MingW64 and MSVC, but they were moved to the Blender Institute, so I could fully use my own machine again. Other work is currently more priority, so I thought it wise to move to the background, and not hold back important development, just because I didn’t have enough time to invest next to family, day job … Continue Reading

Upgrade of projects.blender.org

I’ve been busy with getting the upgrade of our Projects website (http://projects.blender.org) working properly. As you may know, our current site is severely limited in its usefulness for user, especially when it comes to searching for and reporting of bugs. A combination of old software and a bad database forced us to close down some of the areas, put them behind login. This is not very nice for the user (neither for the developer), and one of the symptoms is a lot of duplicate reports.

For a looooong time I’ve been working on different forms of an improved website. I tried … Continue Reading

My legs! MY LEGS!

End of day 2, Blender Conference 2010. Two days full of talks and workshops, what a bustle and vibrant time. And being speaker assistance also a lot of running, talking to many people, connecting, this, that, quickly here, be in a minute with your, there, back again, double-check everything is ok, you’re good now? sure, right after this I’ll be there.

But it’s all a great time! It’s great to see so many people in one place, interested all in Blender and presenting their usage of Blender, their ideas they have, their needs, their visions. It’s clear that Blender is pretty … Continue Reading

Blender 2.5 – r32239

Hi, I’ve updated my builds over on Graphicall.org again.

As always, you can find the links to these download pages also on the right side of my blog.


New transform widgets for Naali

In my work on the manipulators of Naali I found the code doing weird reorientations and scalings to have them look ok on screen. This made the code needlessly complex. I looked at the original .blend file and found a number of issues with the models.

Firstly, the object axis is misaligned. When you’re modelling with Blender for realXtend and Naali, you should make sure that object axis is aligned with world axis. This is true for widgets and objects that need to be aligned with the world axis of realXtend and Naali, which happen to be the same as Blender. … Continue Reading

Letwory Interactive @ Assembly 2010

And here we are: Assembly 2010 Summer. Like last year I am with the Renderfarm.fi booth. Today I gave a short presentation on where Blender 2.53 is today and where it has come from.

Yesterday and today have been quite busy days here at the stand, and for Renderfarm.fi it has been even harder with the server broken down. Still we have had nice audiences for the different presentations. It was great to see the work from High Five crew of Happy Hour shortfilm and today Snowblind, with it’s use of Blender … Continue Reading

Wiki PDF updated

A little late, but still good to know: Marco Ardito has again updated the PDF version of the Blender Wiki. You can download it here: http://pdf.letworyinteractive.com

The PDF version is a very nice way to have offline access to the Wiki. It has great bookmarks and it looks very good too. If you’re up to it, you could even get yourself a paper copy of it, but then you’ll have to be ready to put 1500 or so pages into your printer :)

As always, enjoy!


Letwory Interactive 2010

Hi all,

As I wrote in my previous short blog, I’d write up a longer post about what’s happening. As you may have noticed, my regular builds came to a halt. This was simply due to me being transferred to a project with the usual hush-hush tag on it. Also, this project was very demanding. I loved to do it: it was (and probably still is) technically challenging, had to do with cool technology and the direct collegues were great to work with. That was January, 2010, at Cybercom Plenware Oy.

Because the project was very intense: high … Continue Reading

Blender 2.5, r29153

[NOTE II] The uploads are now there. Sorry for the wait :)

[NOTE] The uploads seem to be stuck, so please keep checking the links to see if the uploads when through properly.

Just a quick post that I have updated since a looong time my builds on Graphicall.org. See the links in the navigation section for the new builds.

I’ll write up later today a larger post about my Blender development and other exciting news.

Stay tuned!