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Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 43

So, a quick status update from last week. During the begin of the week I was busy with fixing up our installer script, so that it won’t delete everything without properly warning and so on. After that I did release log work, some SVN and tracker stats for the period Blender 2.54-Blender 2.55. On Thursday I travelled to the Netherlands or the Blender Conference 2010, so I haven’t been able to do much sensible on the bug tracker or related work. On next Tuesday I’ll probably will finally press the release button on 2.55. I hope the users can wait … Continue Reading

Working for Blender Foundation

Exciting news! From September 2010 on Blender Foundation will be a customer for me for a calendar period of 7 months, making the (part-time) contract last until end of March 2011

I’ll be working on the bug tracker and on documentation (two of the things probably considered least sexy), to get Blender 2.5 finally out of the beta stage. I’m honoured that the Blender Foundation wants focused effort from me in this way.

I hope I can do make a good impact on the bug count in our tracker and supporting other developers in stabilizing the codebase.

Rest assured, with all the current … Continue Reading

Blenderstorm reborn

Hi all,

We’ve all been waiting for it since the dreadful crash of the servers and the backups: Blenderstorm is finally back and online!

The last 1,5 month I have been working on getting this done. I did some venturing out to alternative implementations – one in Lua (on top of Sputnik, which worked pretty nicely, but getting it to run properly on the host was a different story), and one in Python (using web.py). Both own implementation had the good part that they were light, but that was only the feature request part – no … Continue Reading

Blenderstorm BETA

For some time I have been working on bringing back Blenderstorm, along side my current main project (Naali development, integrating Verse as a tech demo, which will be cool for another post next week). I’ve now put up a test site at http://beta.blenderstorm.org, where I invite people to register, testdrive the site and report obvious bugs in functionality (SQL errors, things like that).

Next to bug hunting the single biggest task is still ahead: themeing of Blenderstorm. I ask readers to propose designs (maybe even … Continue Reading