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Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 9

It’s been way too long since my previous update, so here finally a new update. So, what have I been doing all this time?

Well, mostly I’ve been working on developer documentation. It’s been quite a boring task, and as some sort of poor excuse, it’s been uninviting enough to “forget” about the status reports. Anyway, I’ve been shuffling content on the wiki to some extent, creating for the development contents section a new and clearer start page that should help decide and point viewers to the correct place. Three big links which go to building blender, developing blender and … Continue Reading

Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 47

My time on the bug tracker has been pretty minimal, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been active! I’ve started tagging pages on the wiki that I’m going to work on, or am already working on with the newly created {{Warning/Working/Development}} template. With this I can communicate to people that I’m working on those pages. I try to include a smart message about why I’m working on it. In the coming time you’ll see more updates on the wiki, with a steady convergance on a better structured content and less duplication. There are some wildly old pages on the wiki, … Continue Reading

Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 45

Last week has been mostly about going over existing documentation and figuring out what to do with the organisation of the different places where we provide documentation. Currently we have a section on main www.blender.org, and a section under wiki.blender.org. This will be consolidated, having most of the content moved to the wiki, where it can be maintained better by all active developers.

For the developer documentation I’ve been writing a SVN+Git tutorial, recording a 20+ minute session explaining a simple workflow with this. More developer documentation on the codebase, development pipeline and so on will follow.

Tracker work has been on … Continue Reading

Wiki PDF updated

A little late, but still good to know: Marco Ardito has again updated the PDF version of the Blender Wiki. You can download it here: http://pdf.letworyinteractive.com

The PDF version is a very nice way to have offline access to the Wiki. It has great bookmarks and it looks very good too. If you’re up to it, you could even get yourself a paper copy of it, but then you’ll have to be ready to put 1500 or so pages into your printer :)

As always, enjoy!


Blender 2.5, r29153

[NOTE II] The uploads are now there. Sorry for the wait :)

[NOTE] The uploads seem to be stuck, so please keep checking the links to see if the uploads when through properly.

Just a quick post that I have updated since a looong time my builds on Graphicall.org. See the links in the navigation section for the new builds.

I’ll write up later today a larger post about my Blender development and other exciting news.

Stay tuned!


Common Blender 2.5 Problems And How To Fix Them

With Blender 2.5 alpha 0 we’ve seen the first release in the 2.5 series, boasting a great many new features on top of the all-new event system – a major overhaul of one of the most central parts of Blender. As one can expect, many problems were readily found during the first few moments after the release. I’ve tried to summarize most of the problems that users may run into that are easy to fix or work around.

Incomplete/gray GUI

Some users reported that the GUI would look incomplete. This turned out to be a problem with paths that contained … Continue Reading

Blender Wiki PDF – Manual from January 29th, 2009

Marco Ardito has sent me a new version of the Manual PDF, which is based on the wiki. This version brings Blender Manual PDF up-to-date with 2009.01.29.

Again a big thanks to Marco Ardito for his efforts.

Blender Wiki PDFs – December 2008

The PDF updates seem to become a nice monthly deal! Marco has uploaded new versions of 4 PDF files:

Again … Continue Reading

Updated Wiki PDFs by Marco Ardito for Blender 2.48a

Again Marco Ardito has been working hard on getting new versions of his Wiki PDFs. After more tweaking, he has managed to drop the size of the manual pdf to 25MB. Compare that to the size of the first PDF he created, which was a whopping 86MB! Enjoy reading the new PDFs!

Wiki PDFs: Manual, Reference, Scripts Catalog, Release Log

Marco Ardito has been working hard on getting improved versions of his Wiki PDFs, along with a few extra. He managed to drop the size and page number of the manual pdf to 51MB over almost 1300 pages: