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COLLADA merged with trunk, Blender 2.5

Arystan Dyussenov has finally managed to merge the GSoC COLLADA branch to trunk. I have been fighting with a broken-ish build environment and the OpenCOLLADA libraries since then.

First, many days were wasted in figuring out why during linking of the first library of OpenCOLLADA the build process would go in an eternal loop, issueing linking commands for the same library over and over again. After having tried different SCons versions, and several futile hacks of the SCons-files of the project, I took a harder look at my own environment.

We have had some talk about having ie. gstreamer as … Continue Reading

GSoC Freestyle Integration Win32 build

Today I’ve been working with Maxime on getting his GSoC work to compile on Windows, and we succeeded. Get the Freestyle enabled build from Graphicall.org!

To use, extract the .exe somewhere, open a cmd.exe and cd your way to where you extracted the binaries, ie: ‘cd C:\freestyle\befree-win32′ if you extracted to C:\freestyle. Then set the FREESTYLE_BLENDER_DIR as follows:

set FREESTYLE_BLENDER_DIR=”C:\freestyle\befree-win32\.blender\scripts”

After that start blender: blender.exe and choose Freestyle as renderer in the render settings. A new panel in render settings appears, here you can choose different freestyle module to render with. Hit F12 and enjoy!