Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 36

Last week I’ve been closing some more reports, 23 in total. I’m also still working on some scripts to help me with both generating stats and some graphs. I also worked on the release logs, reading through 5000 lines of svn log. With the imminent release of Blender 2.54 we’ll have a good basis to … Read more

Blenderstorm reborn

Hi all, We’ve all been waiting for it since the dreadful crash of the servers and the backups: Blenderstorm is finally back and online! The last 1,5 month I have been working on getting this done. I did some venturing out to alternative implementations – one in Lua (on top of Sputnik, which worked pretty … Read more

Letwory Interactive @ Assembly 2010

And here we are: Assembly 2010 Summer. Like last year I am with the booth. Today I gave a short presentation on where Blender 2.53 is today and where it has come from. Yesterday and today have been quite busy days here at the stand, and for it has been even harder with … Read more

Verse integration for Naali

During the summer I’ve been working on a simple Verse integration tech demo for Naali (RealXtend). In short, Verse integration is for having a low-overhead and fast protocol for EC  (Entity Component) attributes. In this techdemo I’ve concentrated on setting light attributes and a way to have Naali keep book of world objects and map … Read more