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Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 48

I already wrote about my work for the last week in my previous blog, but I wanted to do this one still so I could also include some stats, that have been lacking for a few weeks. Note that this is a longer-than-usual stats message, so be sure to check out the SVN stats section and the fixed bugs -list.

As you can see, hour daily stats are starting to look very nice. Only three days during which more reports were opened than closed. The hourly stats also look a bit better than before, most hours creeping closer to the … Continue Reading

Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 45

Last week has been mostly about going over existing documentation and figuring out what to do with the organisation of the different places where we provide documentation. Currently we have a section on main www.blender.org, and a section under wiki.blender.org. This will be consolidated, having most of the content moved to the wiki, where it can be maintained better by all active developers.

For the developer documentation I’ve been writing a SVN+Git tutorial, recording a 20+ minute session explaining a simple workflow with this. More developer documentation on the codebase, development pipeline and so on will follow.

Tracker work has been on … Continue Reading

Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 41

Last week has been a bit of a hassle. Tuesday and wednesday I was out of development a lot, since I did some rebuilding of my ‘wardrobe’. I use an Ikea wardrobe to house my machines, but they stood there just as machines. Airflow was less than optimal, so I had to keep one door always open. I decided to do something about it. I removed the big plank in the middle and put a Elfa organiser system in place. I removed the casings from my computers and put the componenst into the organiser system. For cooling I got 4 … Continue Reading

Working for Blender Foundation

Exciting news! From September 2010 on Blender Foundation will be a customer for me for a calendar period of 7 months, making the (part-time) contract last until end of March 2011

I’ll be working on the bug tracker and on documentation (two of the things probably considered least sexy), to get Blender 2.5 finally out of the beta stage. I’m honoured that the Blender Foundation wants focused effort from me in this way.

I hope I can do make a good impact on the bug count in our tracker and supporting other developers in stabilizing the codebase.

Rest assured, with all the current … Continue Reading

Blender 2.5 alpha 0 – Windows builds

It’s official. The very first release in the Blender 2.5 series is a fact. The first lines of code for it were coded back in 2007/2008, with the development pace picking up since Wintercamp 2009.

Thanks to the hard work of many developers Blender has now an amazing array of new features and improvements, like editable keymaps, new animation tools, improved and unified data API, and so on.

Grab your copy if you’re up for some alpha release testing :) (note: alpha means incomplete, features may change, and potentially unstableness. Yet, I think we have done quite … Continue Reading