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Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 39

And another week has gone by, full of bug fixing and report tending. I closed over 30 reports of which 5 I fixed, the rest were either duplicates, todos or rejected. I fixed some unreported bugs too.

I cleaned out the trunk from the project files, and I fixed our CMake for Windows project files to properly copy the correct Python DLL and modules. For this I also committed the Python modules unpacked to our dependencies directories.

I enabled multilayer EXR files as textures.

I am slowly taking more ownership over our COLLADA code too. I fixed camera import and export and the … Continue Reading

Blender Python API as PDF

Marco Ardito has uploaded the Blender Python API in PDF format. With the success of Blender Wiki as PDF, he decided to try his hand at the Blender Python API too, so here it is: Download Blender Python API as PDF (1MB)

Enjoy the document!