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New Renderfarm.fi Blender release

We’ve been working for http://www.renderfarm.fi to get the uploader script in good usable state with some nice improvements. See this blog over at http://www.renderfarm.fi for the info.

I added the frontend part for session managent of users, so after upload you can follow your session progress through Blender using the uploader script (Renderfarm.fi in the Renderer dropdown).

Also a set of UI improvements were done, as well as improvements to the communication with the backend server handling the submissions.

Renderfarm.fi now thus supports Blender 2.5a2, and I’m sure we’ll be supporting the imminent Blender 2.5 beta too.

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jesterKing Crunchers

As you may know I’m active in the Renderfarm.fi project, for which I’ve been working on the uploader script. This script allows you to easily send in your work, and to follow the progress of your sessions.

I think that the Renderfarm.fi project is a very interesting project for Blender users (and during summer another renderer should be integrated – more on that in due time), since it allows users to send in their scenes that may take a long time to finish on their own machine(s). Having the growing group of rendering clients from … Continue Reading