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Naali: Align Tools

A short message about the alignment tools I’ve created for Naali. I let the screencast on YouTube speak for itself :) I hope you enjoy it!

Upgrade of projects.blender.org

I’ve been busy with getting the upgrade of our Projects website (http://projects.blender.org) working properly. As you may know, our current site is severely limited in its usefulness for user, especially when it comes to searching for and reporting of bugs. A combination of old software and a bad database forced us to close down some of the areas, put them behind login. This is not very nice for the user (neither for the developer), and one of the symptoms is a lot of duplicate reports.

For a looooong time I’ve been working on different forms of an improved website. I tried … Continue Reading

Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 46

This week I’ve fixed 4 bugs and closed several more reports. Most of the time went into checking the tracker and commenting. I’ve applied two COLLADA patches, one by Martijn Berger and one from Wenzel Jakob.

I uploaded my SVN+Git tutorial to YouTube, the text for the tutorial will be in our wiki soon. I’ve made a start with changing wiki pages and reorganising the Development section of the main website, moving content to our wiki for easier maintenance by not only me, but others as well.

I’ve taken some time to work on the GForge migration too, which is … Continue Reading

Manipulator Rulers in Naali

I’ve finally managed to integrate the Ruler code into the editing tools. I already worked on this during the summer, but other tasks were necessary to do, too.

The rulers are far from completed, but having this functional integration ready I can start working on the really cool looking features for these rulers.

There are obviously already the manipulators, and they do help a lot in visualising what and how to edit objects. The rulers will greatly enhance that experience, giving nice anchors and  direction for the transforms.

Think of grids, pies and ladders.

Animation Control in Naali

Tonight I pushed some code that enables the user to set animations to entities. Although not final, it already helps the user in picking a specific animation that is provided in an animation asset. This way the user doesn’t have to guess the names of the animations, just picking from a dropbox is so much easier!

See this short screencast what this is all about.

Sound ruler for Naali viewer

One task for me was to enable allow the user to attach sounds to objects in simulations using the Naali viewer Object Edit module. For the user this simply means a way to copy the asset reference to a field, set volume and radius and accept this. After that the object will start emitting sound (or the entire simulation will have that sound if radius is set to 0.0).

As a little extra I decided to create a small widget that I call the sound ruler. This little widget will show you the radius and volume of the attached sound … Continue Reading

Building Blender 2.5 on Windows 7 with MSVC and SCons

I have created a 30-minute screencast in which I briefly show how Blender 2.5 can be compiled using the SCons/msvc toolset. This screencast is as a quick gap-fill until I have written out more detailed notes.

Interactive UI while rendering – Blender 2.5

One of the potentials of the new event system that is being
worked on for Blender 2.5 is better threading and event handling. In
this short screencast you see a render being started and still the UI
in action! No more blocking.

Check out the screencast on YouTube at:

Interactive UI during render – Blender 2.5