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Verse integration for Naali

During the summer I’ve been working on a simple Verse integration tech demo for Naali (RealXtend). In short, Verse integration is for having a low-overhead and fast protocol for EC  (Entity Component) attributes. In this techdemo I’ve concentrated on setting light attributes and a way to have Naali keep book of world objects and map them to verse nodes.

I have recorded a short demonstration in which I show how the light can be set using an external tool that has Verse support, in this case the Connector scene graph … Continue Reading

VerseSharp implementation continued

I’ve been working again on the C# implementation of the Verse protocol, versesharp.  This work I’ve been conducting in the branch coderestruct. I’ve managed to implement all object, geometry, bitmap and material commands, and about all system commands are there too (ping still missing). For now I leave text, curve and audio commands out of the loop, and will start working on some kind of server to see how well this all works. I still think session handling needs a lot more improvement.

One reason to work on this again is the possibility of having VerseContinue Reading

Thougths on my projects

It is always an art to juggle the time for all the projects I’m working on. There’s just so many cool things to do and create that it gets essential to stop and think for a while about it and prioritise a bit
Planet Blender I’ll continue looking for blog feeds to add. We’re now at 66 feeds with only one disabled. There’s of course lots to be improved and features to be added:

  • Filtering Users should be able to create filters so they can hide or show the blogs as they want them. When that is in place, … Continue Reading