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It is always an art to juggle the time for all the projects I’m working on. There’s just so many cool things to do and create that it gets essential to stop and think for a while about it and prioritise a bit

Planet Blender I’ll continue looking for blog feeds to add. We’re now at 66 feeds with only one disabled. There’s of course lots to be improved and features to be added:

  • Filtering Users should be able to create filters so they can hide or show the blogs as they want them. When that is in place, Planet Blender will open with blogs written in english. But users could then enable also blogs written in other languages. This also means that I’ll have to contact all the blog owners and ask if they can check the settings for their feeds, so that filtering can be done automatically based on the language flag of their feed.
  • Sidebar It’d be great to allow people to embed a small widget into their site that provides a set of blog messages right into their pages.
  • OpenID I’m looking into adding OpenID-support into all my sites, so users can easily login with using only one account.
  • Feed registration I’d like to automate the feed registration process, so that bloggers can submit their link for approval through a handy form. That together with a good administrative interface would make things even easier to maintain for me.

Blenderstorm The idea pool site needs really some love from me. The current situation is absolutely not good enough. I’ll be looking at IdeaTorrent, which is the next version of Brainstorm, on which Blenderstorm is based. It looks like the project has had good development for a while now, with some sexy features added. The current Blenderstorm is really too slow, and lacking features in many areas. The new IdeaTorrent might help here, as I’ve understood that the administration of such a site has been improved much. I’ll make sure that the current ideas will migrate to any new Blenderstorm, of course!

As with Planet Blender, I want to see if I can integrate OpenID in here too, unifying logins across sites, in a way. (It’d be great if ie. and would add OpenID support too!). Now, if there were a solution to have some kind of central settings service tied to such an OpenID account, that’d be very cool.

PyNodes The latest feature in Blender I worked on has had some nice reception over at Although it works, there’s still room for improvement. I have been working on a way to have pynode scripts automatically register with the Node menu, so that you can just add nodes from the menu instead of having to go through the cumbersome “Add script” -routine.
Also work on the API should be continued, so that we can provide shader writers all the tools they need.

Clip Plane modifier This project has been on hold for quite some time now, but I still intend to finish it. I might wait for Geoffry Bantle to complete the new API for his bmesh. I think it would be good to use its features, instead of writing face and edge cutting myself.

Apart from the projects listed above, I still like to work on Verse through my Verse.NET project. Although I’m not working on wrapping the DLL anymore, I’ll be trying to get a 100% C# implementation of the protocol, complete with a simple versenet client and versenet server implementation.

I’ll also be trying my hands at the book arena – more information on that when I’ve got something better to say ;) For now suffice it to say that I’ll be working on some projects related to books.

Now, take all of that above, and see if I can fit it somewhere in the spare time I have (or have not ;) ) after being at work and with my family. Work includes stuff like being at the day-job, but also working for the ORE (Open Rendering Environment) project, which is related to Blender and BURP. (Note, the site is still not online, so will error out).

I’d like to finish this long message with two donation buttons :) If you’d like to support my efforts, consider getting me something from my amazon wishlist ( My Wish List ) or donate something to support my servers where I run the services. Donations for the hosting costs are credited directly towards the hosting bill as those donations can’t be cashed out. But that’s cool either way!

6 thoughts on “Thougths on my projects

  1. Hi,

    I’m still slowly working on a WCF messaging and transport implementation of Verse.

    Jason Schluter

  2. Cool! I’m not familiar with WCF, but a question that comes to mind is: does WCF have tools for working with UDF? Anyway, it’d be great if you could keep me up-to-date every now and then :)

  3. WCF has a UDF Sample Code released that isn’t licensed friendly to use in WCF, yet it is useful for learning.

    I’m more interested in the serializing to verse UDF bit layouts.

    If your good at that let me know.

  4. Ow, I made a typo: UDF -> UDP. Hmm, but you’d be using some other transport protocol than UDP? If so then your clients would be incompatible with any other client and server using the same Verse protocol version.

    At the moment I’m still stuck at the login process, as it’s not really well documented (and I had some misunderstandings over the way packets work), so it’ll take a bit longer to get to the real deal. At least sending Ping commands is dead easy – and most of the login process works, just not everything yet :/

    I’ll write something about the Verse commands and how to encode and decode them when I’m ready to do so myself. I think that the basic principles are easy – it’s just a lot of work to do them all. Perhaps some automated way of doing this should be devised.

  5. Hi,
    nice to see, that so “many” people involve in Verse :-). BTW: I did some experiments with DTLS implementation from OpenSSL. However, OpenSSL library gives me sometimes some strange errors sometimes. May be, I do something wrong, may be errors aren’t critical :-). I sent mail to OpenSSl dev mailing list, but I didn’t any response on my question :-(. May be, my question was too stupid :-).

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