Wiki PDFs: Manual, Reference, Scripts Catalog, Release Log

Marco Ardito has been working hard on getting improved versions of his Wiki PDFs, along with a few extra. He managed to drop the size and page number of the manual pdf to 51MB over almost 1300 pages:


Enjoy the PDFs! And again a big thanks to Marco Arditos for his efforts.

7 thoughts on “Wiki PDFs: Manual, Reference, Scripts Catalog, Release Log

  1. Heh, you’re right. It really is NOT a good idea to post just minutes before going to bed. Anyway, thanks for spotting, I’ve fixed the links now :)


  2. Hey, nice work Marco!
    Now I can sell my car and have something good to read in the public transit. :)

    Thanks God for making people like you and Nathan.


  3. Hi, i will experiment more with bookmarks generation, but up to now they’re screwed up by HTMLdoc. Maybe i have to update it or preprocess the web pages a bit more.

  4. really great work, many thanx to You for that big effort and the outcome of it that helps me a lot as a blender-beginner

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