Blender Wiki PDF – Manual from January 29th, 2009

Marco Ardito has sent me a new version of the Manual PDF, which is based on the wiki. This version brings Blender Manual PDF up-to-date with 2009.01.29.

Again a big thanks to Marco Ardito for his efforts.

22 thoughts on “Blender Wiki PDF – Manual from January 29th, 2009

  1. Thanks for the effort. But please let us know when the links actually work. It won’t be very useful until they are.

  2. @jesterKing: i think Ted is referring to internal PDF links, which are often broken by HTMLdoc during html > pdf conversion. Ted, I have actually no way to fix them, but you can use PDF bookmarks to jump to a specific place. Way better than links, to me. Cheers…

  3. I assume that (for example) the “Reference/Buttons/Window” link on page 58 is one of those internal links. Thanks for the bookmarking suggestion.

  4. Part of the difficulty is in simply finding the place in the PDF where the link would point to, which, as you can imagine, is a challenge with keyword searches. I’m assuming that the location referenced by the link mentioned above is indeed somewhere within the pdf file.

    As far as adding bookmarks once the place is found, that apparently is not a function of the free Acrobat reader. I’m looking for a good reader plug-in for the job and will let you know if I find one.

    FYI – In response to clicking the Buttons/Window link mentioned above, the reader reports that it cannot find a file called ‘Window’ within the same directory where I placed your pdf manual.


  5. Honestly this is one that requires a huge effort and indeed this manual is a reflection of all the perspiration and effort that has been put in. I am really glad for the author and appreciate it very much. Thanks a lot.

  6. I hope this can be done again in the near future, as soon as the 2.5 version appears.

    Thank you very much for your effort.

  7. I’m sure that for the upcoming Blender 2.49 we’ll see some updates. There have been large reorganizations on the wiki of the content, so I hope we’ll get some good PDF files :) But first and foremost now Blender 2.49 stuff. Lost of goodies!

  8. Thank you soooo much, i don’t have internet, except at the library and i really appreciate what you have done for all of us in the blender comunity.

    Thanks and God bless.

  9. thanks,
    it useful but i edit some code and it work more good:


    /* orgin-code—————————————

    for( ii= 0; ii< data[index][2]; ++ii ) {
    //app.execMenuItem( "NextPage" );

  10. Hi ,
    I’m also unable to open the pdf for both 20090902 and 20100622.
    I have downloaded twice both pdfs , whenever I try to open the pdf it says the pdf is corrupted and cannot be repaired.

    Please help me how to correctly download and open the pdfs


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