Blender 2.5 for Windows 64bit

On request of user Nortmobile, I’ve created a 64bit build of Blender 2.5 for Windows. This build is of SVN revision 20958 (you can check project activity and recent commits).

The Python version it is built against is Python 3.0, so take note of that. I hope all dependencies are done properly (lets just say it Works For Me ;). If you have any problems with the build, do write a comment to this blog. I’ll try to address them when I can.

Download the build from here. And remember two things: 1) enjoy it, and 2) this is still under heavy development!


4 thoughts on “Blender 2.5 for Windows 64bit

  1. Great stuff, thank you for this. I have never been able to build any branch of Blender in my vista 64bit.

    A tutorial on how you build would be great!

  2. Works for me !

    x64 is needed for blender, thx a lot.

    hope we can get ffmpg also soon …

    I think that 2.5 should be mainly intended for 64 bits os and high memory usages, because on 32 bits OS blender should soon be fasten, if it’s not already …

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