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During the nights when comforting my baby-daughter, I still do some simple coding work. That can result in fun stuff like the graph I created based on the Durian campaign progress I have been doing since July 31st. I have been recording the status every five minutes, and tonight I have been writing some script to generate a graph out of it. This graph is also updated in sync with the recording of Durian campaign progress.

Durian Preorder Sales Campaign graph
Durian Preorder Sales Campaign graph

The graph presents the data as follows: The green area are the preorders that have been payed, the orange cummulatively on top of the green represents the preorders that haven’t been payed yet. Together they form thus the total amount of preorders.

On the horizontal scale we have time. Each vertical gray line here represents the start of each day in UTC time at 00:00:00. The first measure was done 11:50 of the 31st, July. The entire image width represents the running time for the campaign. It officially ends on the 15th, September, but I’ve used UTC time of 2 o’clock in the morning on the 16th to give some extra space. The height of the graph represents 2000. Each dark gray horizontal line represents 500, where the lighter gray are 250.

Big Buck Bunny campaign for preorder sales + credit got around 1100 sold preorders. I haven’t done any estimation, but I heard that expected amount for Durian is around 1200. I’m sure that as a community we can do much better! Remember, more funding here means more money to fund developers and artists working on the movie and the improvement of Blender 2.5…! (hint hint).

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  1. Cool idea. I am sure that the community break the BB preorder sales, maybe it take a little bit longer by the economy crisis ;)

    • I’ll be doing a graph that will go beyond the credit campaign, I’ve just been a tad bit busy. Data is still being collected, so it should be just a matter of adapting the graph code :)

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