COLLADA merged with trunk, Blender 2.5 – 64-bit!

As I wrote in my previous message, I’ve been working on getting OpenCOLLADA libs built for Blender 2.5. Yesterday I managed to get the problems solved for getting good builds on win32.

Today, I managed to create working 64-bit builds of OpenCOLLADA. The libraries I have committed to our repository, along with the necessary changes in trunk source to get proper win64 builds done with Blender.

I have uploaded the build based on r24264 to my 64-bit build for Windows.

If people want to know how to create 64-bit builds for Windows, please leave a comment. If there’s enough interest, I’ll write up an article explaining my development and build environment, and how I create my builds (and official releases).

4 thoughts on “COLLADA merged with trunk, Blender 2.5 – 64-bit!

  1. Yes, we need to know how to create 64 bit builds for Windows – particularly Windows7.


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