Very short howto

Assumed: Visual Studio 2008 installed, Python 2.6 installed, subversion installed.

  1. svn co c:\dev\blender
  2. svn co c:\dev\lib\windows
  3. start Visual Studio 2008 command prompt
  4. set PATH=C:\Python26;%PATH%
  5. cd c:\dev\blender
  6. python scons\ WITH_BF_COLLADA=1 WITH_BF_QUICKTIME=0

PS. I’m still writing the detailed tutorial

5 thoughts on “Very short howto

  1. Nice short-how to, may you extend it? i need to compile blender 2.5 from SVN in 64 bit and optimized for AMD x2 64, under windows 7 64.

    thanks in advance

  2. Hi, it’s very simple to build a 64bit version of Blender. Install a 64bit version of Python 2.6, for instance to C:\Python26_64b. Then from the very short howto change following steps:

    step 2: svn co c:\dev\lib\win64
    step 3: start Visual Studio 2008 x64 win64 command prompt
    step 4: set PATH=C:\Python26_64b;%PATH%


    step 6: python scons\ WITH_BF_JACK=False WITH_BF_QUICKTIME=False WITH_BF_SNDFILE=False

  3. Thanks, but it doesnt work for me, im on windows7 ultimate 64 but i have installed visual studio 2008 express and have not support for 64 bit, there is a way to hack that but seems too complicated.

    Thanks anyway

  4. Wow, VERY impressed. I was sure it was going to be an agonizing nightmare to get my machine setup to build blender. Turns out to have been a breeze. Nice job!

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