Blender 2.5 – r25133 – SSE optimisation for Renderer, Part II

So, I thought I had done nice optimised builds, but it turned out that SIMD optimisation was missing. I’ve now committed some SCons support for this though. The optimisations can now be turned on by building with scons using WITH_BF_RAYOPTIMIZATION=True.

I have re-uploaded 32bit and 64bit builds to that now have SSE optimisation for the renderer enabled.  You should now be able to successfully use SIMD QBVH and SIMD SVBVH, which would print that SSE was disabled during compile time when using the previous builds I posted.

To use any of the optimisations, check the Performance panel in render settings. The Auto setting tries to select the best optimisation strategy, but you can choose any of the other ones too. Octree is what we know from the previous Blender series, all the new names are from the GSoC work done by André Susano Pinto (jaguarandi).

8 thoughts on “Blender 2.5 – r25133 – SSE optimisation for Renderer, Part II

  1. This build seems to hep with my disappearing dupligroups. I no longer see the SSE disabled message. And so far, my asteroid field remains intact.

    I am noticing another bug. I have multiple layouts and multiple camera in the scene. I have numbered my layouts, like in 2.49, 1-6. In layout #1 my camera is camera #1. In layout 6, my camera is camera #2. What I seem to be experiencing is that when I render using F12, Blender uses the camera from the first layout, even if I am looking at another layout when I press F12. Shouldn’t Blender use the camera from the current layout so it renders what I see in the interface?

  2. The Blender 2.5 application does not work correctly with remote desktop in a Windows XP64 environment. It may have problems in Vista and Windows 7 as well, I don’t have those OSs to test with.

    I had been using Blender 2.49 on a quad that I would remote into. Effectively having a render box so I could keep on working on my laptop as the quad desktop rendered.

    In Blender 2.5 all I see displayed across the remote desktop is the Blender 2.5 window frame and a large black are that represents the application. This make Blender useless in a remote situation on Windows.

    Just reporting the bug, not a show stopper, but it would be great if this redraw problem were fixed.

  3. This build keeps crashing on me when I’m using particles on a mesh that is mirrored. I’ve also got an extra window on a second monitor. I’m not sure which elements have to be there for the crash yet.

  4. Thanks Nathan. Seems to give me a 30% speed boost (over Alpha0 release), for a very simple scene with AO. Haven’t tested anything more complex, as Alpha0 tends to crash on me. Looks like those missing options were important, unless other things have given the big boost.

    Crashes on me most of the time if I use Approx AO, and every time if I use Approx AO with more than 0 passes. I then have to reboot before it renders Approx AO again at all.

    (Windows 7/64)

  5. Thank you for your Blender builds, Nathan. However, I would greatly prefer a ZIP package that can just be extracted an run. Would you perhaps consider providing those as well?


  6. I just saw that the EXE is a self extracting archive. i should have looked better, sorry. Please disregard my previous comment .

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