Blender 2.5 r25059 – Continuous Grab

Tonight I applied a very nice patch, written by Matt D. (matd in #blendercoders). This patch adds several new features, specifically for Windows users:

  • Minimum size for windows: Blender windows (system level, ie. the application window of Blender) can’t be resized below a minimum size. This is to prevent buggy behaviour of the Blender window manager, where all areas would go bonkers when Blender window would be resized very, very small.
  • Preparation for Drag and Drop: Matt D. adds support for drag and drop on the GHOST level, the OS-layer library that Blender uses to get events, manipulate windows etc. from the OS. Further of no usage to the user, but I bet that the prospect makes users drool with wild fantasies.
  • Last, but not least: Continuous Grab. This will allow you to execute translations without having to worry for the mouse pointer to go out of the 3dview. Just start your transformation and drag, drag, drag until your happy. You’ll see the mouse pointer warp around the 3dview. This feature is by default enabled, but if you’ve been mucking about with the user preferences, make sure you haven’t accidently disabled it.

Again, great work by Matt D.! You can grab your build from Graphicall of course!

5 thoughts on “Blender 2.5 r25059 – Continuous Grab

  1. One question: Is there a reason to disable SSE in these builds?? I noticed since i can’t enable the raytracing optimizations in the builds. (using x64 build).



    • I’ll have to look into setting right settings for render module still. This hasn’t been done during merge of the GSoC apparently, so it’s not enabled by default. I’ll see if it can be added in a commit soon.

  2. Nice to see continuous mouse grab working on Windows!

    But wouldn’t it be nicer if it wrapped around the edges of the screen instead of around the 3d view?

    • Considering Blender has region-focus, I think this is the better way, both for clarity and cleaner implementation (less exceptions to handle)

  3. Thanks, I can’t wait to try it! Off to Graphicall

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