Blender 2.5 r25326 – improved sculpt and much more

Just a quick message. It’s been 8 days since my previous blog about a new build. During that time the development has anything but slowed down. As you can see from the title: 193 commits! That’s on average one commit for every hour. The devs are literally working around the clock, with Matt Ebb in Australia, Martin Poirier in Canada and the Durian team in the Netherlands (and every active developer in between those locations!) covering pretty much every moment of the day with their activities.

Anyway, I’ve uploaded 32bit and 64bit builds to again, so grab them, test them, and keep the reports coming in!

Note, I have also links to my builds on Graphicall on the right of my blog ->

Make sure you follow them ;)

12 thoughts on “Blender 2.5 r25326 – improved sculpt and much more

  1. Thank you for that build. Found a bug (Crash).

    Add Multires (Don’t add a Subdivision -> Preview, Sculpt, Render = 0)
    Than press Ctrl+1 -> Blender crashes.
    (Win7 64bit)

  2. A few bugs. I was going through the old dupliframes tutorial and I noticed if I parent a nurbs surface circle to a nurbs 2D curve, (with path animation panel -> follow checked), there are random lines extending from the child’s center, that change as you rotate or animate. The center of the child follows the curve, but I don’t see its shape. When I enable dupliframes, I don’t see them.

    Also, clear origin must be executed from the menu, otherwise Alt-O enables disconnected proportional editing.

    • hmm, curves and nurbes are indeed rather buggy still.

      On alt-o, the keymaps haven’t had yet the proper attention to weed out any overlapping between defaults. There will be always some implicit priority of keymaps over each other, but that’s not yet visualised/communicated properly. So if you get anything like you describe, the problem is that another keymap that may be in effect is taking precedence over what you expect. So this currently also happens with defaults in builds from SVN Trunk.

  3. Two bugs on this one for me. Thought it was just a bad install, but have reinstalled and they still seem to be there.

    1) Approximate AO still crashes with >0 passes.

    2) My G/R/S hotkeys no longer work. They were fine up to the last build, but now they do nothing.

    Windows 7/64, Blender 2.5 r25326

  4. Would be nice to have an OSX 10.4+ intel build to test the new sculpt features with….

    • That certainly would be great! Check for any potential builds.

      Unfortunately I don’t have an OSX machine, otherwise I’d publish builds for that too.

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