VerseSharp implementation continued

I’ve been working again on the C# implementation of the Verse protocol, versesharp.  This work I’ve been conducting in the branch coderestruct. I’ve managed to implement all object, geometry, bitmap and material commands, and about all system commands are there too (ping still missing). For now I leave text, curve and audio commands out of the loop, and will start working on some kind of server to see how well this all works. I still think session handling needs a lot more improvement.

One reason to work on this again is the possibility of having Verse used in RealXtend, and it was a good way to ensure I am familiar enough with how Verse works. Alongside I’ve been trying to work out how it can be used. The idea is to have EC attribute syncing done over the Verse protocol to ensure minimal traffic and package overhead between Naali viewers and the EC attribute server (which thus will be a verse server). How this exactly will work out is something to investigate during the next month.

3 thoughts on “VerseSharp implementation continued

  1. Sounds great! I was worried that the verse project for blender was going to be left in the dust. I look forward to your release :)

  2. Verse is not forgotten, but it hasn’t been high-priority either :/ Hopefully the second half of 2010 looks better regarding verse in general. In #verse on Freenode someone is working on max/xna/verse integration (looking pretty nice already), and a Ruby binding seems to be on its way!

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