Blender 2.5 r29870 (win32 and win64)

Just a quick post to notify users that I’ve updated my builds on I’ve made sure that OpenCOLLADA support is also enabled. See the BUILDS section on the right side for the links.

I still need to check out on Jack, libsamplerate and sndfile -support, as those are still disabled in my builds.

Other than that, enjoy as usual!


One thought on “Blender 2.5 r29870 (win32 and win64)

  1. I wonder if the COLLADA export in the official 2.53 beta release has anything to do with the OpenCOLLADA support you talk about. I develop on a Linux machine atm and I tried the 2.53 beta there, the export didn’t work for even a very simple scene (one static mesh with UV-coords and one texture). Any ideas? (If you have access to it, you can write to my email adress)

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