jesterKing Crunchers

As you may know I’m active in the project, for which I’ve been working on the uploader script. This script allows you to easily send in your work, and to follow the progress of your sessions.

I think that the project is a very interesting project for Blender users (and during summer another renderer should be integrated – more on that in due time), since it allows users to send in their scenes that may take a long time to finish on their own machine(s). Having the growing group of rendering clients from is just what you need then.

I also like to put my idle CPU cycles to use for the project. I have a very own team of crunchers called jesterKing Crunchers who like to run the BOINC client.

If you’re interested in donating your free CPU cycles for others to use, please consider joining my team jesterKing Crunchers! The aim is to become one of the largest and best teams on!

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