New Blender release

We’ve been working for to get the uploader script in good usable state with some nice improvements. See this blog over at for the info.

I added the frontend part for session managent of users, so after upload you can follow your session progress through Blender using the uploader script ( in the Renderer dropdown).

Also a set of UI improvements were done, as well as improvements to the communication with the backend server handling the submissions. now thus supports Blender 2.5a2, and I’m sure we’ll be supporting the imminent Blender 2.5 beta too.

All in all I think the service has been improved a lot, and you should find it a very useful way to get those long renders done much faster :)



2 thoughts on “New Blender release

  1. I am a new bie in this field. I am trying to setup my own render farm at home using a couple of old Pc’s. I googled out for good render farm sites and came cross This is a pretty good site. Can you guys help me out with some more information? Any help will be appreciated

  2. Hi Susan, is a BOINC-based service, meaning that essentially functions as the master for distributing jobs to all attached clients. Everybody can join the project to donate CPU-cycles, even if they don’t use Blender themselves. To have something rendered on, you submit your work as a .blend to the renderfarm, for instance with the Uploader script that I’ve developed for them. You should be able to find more info on the website:

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