New transform widgets for Naali

In my work on the manipulators of Naali I found the code doing weird reorientations and scalings to have them look ok on screen. This made the code needlessly complex. I looked at the original .blend file and found a number of issues with the models.

Firstly, the object axis is misaligned. When you’re modelling with Blender for realXtend and Naali, you should make sure that object axis is aligned with world axis. This is true for widgets and objects that need to be aligned with the world axis of realXtend and Naali, which happen to be the same as Blender. Secondly, the widgets were scaled in code to be of a different size. Instead I now model them on correct scale right away. Thirdly, the widgets had more complex geometry and lastly, there were a lot of redundant materials lying around, so it was easy to pick out wrong materials instead of using those that should’ve been used.

After addressing all these issues I also could remove and simplify much of the code for initialising and basic handling of the manipulators (high-lighting, axis determination). Work continues in perfecting these for proper usage, with upcoming rulers to guide users with their transforms.

To conclude, here are the current widgets:

Rotate Manipulator for RealXtend NaaliScale Manipulator for RealXtend NaaliMove Manipulator for RealXtend Naali

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